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17.Nov.2008 That Herc’s one mean CRAKKAJAMMA!

Hopefully I am preaching to the nerd choir when I confess my affection for Greg Pak and Fred Van Lente’s Incredible Herc—easily one of, if not the most, fun book on the shelves right now! Following the Lion of Olympus and is ward, boy genius Amadeus Cho, after the events of “World War Hulk,” this […]

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24.Sep.2008 HOLLA ATCHA BOY!

Spoilers ahead! So be wary, web-sailors! The recent relaunch of Deadpool has been quite the comic treat so far. Writer Daniel Way is exhibiting better control with ol’ Wade Wilson than…well, anything he’s ever written! By far his best work, and just a must-read (I’ll gush a bit more about it with a review tomorrow, […]

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