This is it: A “Wizard” Remembrance/Reaction

This week, news that both Wizard and ToyFare magazine were being canceled hit the interwebs. I did my big college internship at Wizard and then scored a job there a few months later when I graduated from college. It was my first career-type job and it led to a ton of great friendships and terrific experiences. I wouldn’t be rocking a job I love at Dark Horse Comics if not for my time at Wizard, nor would I know so many rad, excellent and intelligent folks around the comics community, many of whom I consider great friends. Continue Reading “This is it: A “Wizard” Remembrance/Reaction”


Good tidings!

Though this blog over the past month has been almost entirely dedicated to moustaches, their greatness and why they’re an incredibly motivating reason to donate money to help combat men’s cancer, there actually has been a bit more than just facial hair pushing my life forward of late.
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Getting down to busy-ness

Ladies, gentlemen and martian invaders! Greetings! The past few days have been pretty darned busy but I’m back with some blogginess, so dig in!
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Thank you all!

Hey folks.

Last night, at a little before 8 p.m., I was let go from my job at Wizard Entertainment.

Since then, I have received an overwhelming amount of amazingly supportive, kind and flattering emails, Facebook messages and tweets from a ton of truly great people! Thank you all so much! I guess when the going gets tough, you really see how many wonderful people you’re surrounded with. I’m just grateful to be surrounded by so many.

Also, additional big thanks to Josh Wigler, Sean T. Collins, Mel Caylo, Kiel Phegley, all the fans over at the Wizard Universe Message Boards and the crew at Panels On Pages for voicing their support in the public forum, as well as privately.

TJ Dietsch—an extremely rad guy who was ToyFare‘s Associate Editor—was also laid off last night. Check out his blog at and spread the love.

Again, thank you so much, everyone! The outpouring of support has been truly touching and has only helped my love grow for all my friends, colleagues and the comic industry as a whole. Thank you.