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12.Jul.2010 The man that’s greater than machine: Magnus!

If you love comics and aren’t aware of the sketch blog Comic Twart (“Twart = Twitter + Art” if you’re already confused) then you need to seriously rethink how you’re spending your time on the internet. Tackling a new assignment each week, the elite sketching force featuring talents like Chris Samnee, Mitch Breitweiser, Tom Fowler, […]


19.Mar.2010 Mankind’s greatest ally

Magnus, robot fighter from the year 4000 A.D., drops some knowledge on us once again.


15.Mar.2010 Mankind’s greatest resource

As the inevitable Robot Revolution draws ever closer, the time when humanity shall fight tooth and nail against the gears and pistons of beings created by our own arrogance begins to look more like reality than fiction. In these startling moments of clarity, it’s helpful to remember a message from the future delivered by route […]