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07.Oct.2011 Shop Talk: Interviews and Previews

Recently, I was interviewed by two separate news outlets about working as an assistant editor at Dark Horse Comics. Oddly enough, both of the interviews came out on the same day, causing friend, former co-worker, comic writer and toy publicist Justin Aclin to dub October 7th “National Interview Jim Gibbons Day.” Though it’s unlikely this […]

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03.Nov.2010 This just in… Movember makes headlines! Mammoth-Stache mentioned! Interwebs erupt!

Lots of Movember news coming in from the front lines of the big month-long ‘stache-a-thon today. Let’s dive right into this Mustache Dispatch… ————


04.Dec.2009 Good tidings!

Though this blog over the past month has been almost entirely dedicated to moustaches, their greatness and why they’re an incredibly motivating reason to donate money to help combat men’s cancer, there actually has been a bit more than just facial hair pushing my life forward of late.


20.Oct.2009 Getting down to busy-ness

Ladies, gentlemen and martian invaders! Greetings! The past few days have been pretty darned busy but I’m back with some blogginess, so dig in!