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16.Mar.2011 Xombi #1 [At the Mercy of The Crowd]

This week, I headed into the shop looking for Image’s Skullkickers at the recommendation of Josh Wigler. When it was nowhere to be found, friend and co-worker Tim Wiesch handed me DC’s Xombi #1. This was a fortuitous occurrence.

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28.Jan.2011 This is it: A “Wizard” Remembrance/Reaction

This week, news that both Wizard and ToyFare magazine were being canceled hit the interwebs. I did my big college internship at Wizard and then scored a job there a few months later when I graduated from college. It was my first career-type job and it led to a ton of great friendships and terrific […]


20.Oct.2009 Getting down to busy-ness

Ladies, gentlemen and martian invaders! Greetings! The past few days have been pretty darned busy but I’m back with some blogginess, so dig in!


17.Sep.2009 Ditto.

Patrick Swayze died on Monday. An acting legend and pop culture icon, his death is a considerable loss to the profession and certainly the movie-watching masses, as well.


30.Jul.2009 San Diego Comic-Con from the sidelines

Last weekend was the massive San Diego Comic-Con. For those living under rocks in caves on the moon, SDCC is a pop culture and comic book convention of epic proportions that is chock-full of panels featuring comic pros, Hollywood stars and specially screened clips of upcoming movies—and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The […]


19.Sep.2008 More Sketchy Galore!

Wizard Staffer David Paggi and former Wizard Staffers Rickey Purdin and Kiel Phegley have started a sweet sketch/art blog called Rowdy Schoolyard, which they’ve been updating super-regularly, so check it out! Seeing their diligent posting of art made me realize it’s been a while since I’ve posted any of my doodles (or “cartoons, if you […]

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