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21.May.2009 A few ‘Few Line Reviews’

Hey folks, I’ve trucked through a fair share of comics this week (my new daily train ride has certainly helped me allot more time to reading) and even though I’m only halfway through all the books I want to read, I’m posting up these initial brief reviews. I’m hitting the DMV (or MVC, as it’s […]

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15.May.2009 Reaction-length comic book reviews!

Last week’s “Few Line Reviews” didn’t quite make three pages but I have a butt-ton of new reviews to this week’s (5/13/2009) comics right here. There’s a few more books I intend to read this week, but I likely won’t have tome for quick hit reviews like this, so please enjoy these and keep checking […]


25.Jul.2008 Well now, isn’t this some interesting ‘Punisher: War Zone’ news…

Hey folks, just got this link from Ain’t It Cool News sent to me about the “Punisher: War Zone” trailer at Comic-Con. Here’s a taste of the juicy gossip/interesting information it contains… “Well when I posted that Comic Con footage with the sh–ty music and terrible scratches (that otherwise rocked)—a source of mine that I’ve […]

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‘Punisher: War Zone,’ my god, what have you done?!

I’m not sure how many of you have caught the new Red Band trailer of “Punisher: War Zone,” but here’s just a list of initial reactions I’ve heard after having the link sent to me and passing it around to some others (friends, colleagues, etc)… “This is the goriest trailer I have ever seen.” “This […]