A few ‘Few Line Reviews’

Hey folks, I’ve trucked through a fair share of comics this week (my new daily train ride has certainly helped me allot more time to reading) and even though I’m only halfway through all the books I want to read, I’m posting up these initial brief reviews. I’m hitting the DMV (or MVC, as it’s oddly called in New Jersey) tomorrow and then picking up my broseph from the airport for a weekend of New York City fun, so if I do get through the rest of those books, I likely won’t have time for reaction-reviews.

So, please enjoy this smattering.
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Reaction-length comic book reviews!

Last week’s “Few Line Reviews” didn’t quite make three pages but I have a butt-ton of new reviews to this week’s (5/13/2009) comics right here.

There’s a few more books I intend to read this week, but I likely won’t have tome for quick hit reviews like this, so please enjoy these and keep checking EoP for more groovy posts!
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Well now, isn’t this some interesting ‘Punisher: War Zone’ news…

Hey folks, just got this link from Ain’t It Cool News sent to me about the “Punisher: War Zone” trailer at Comic-Con. Here’s a taste of the juicy gossip/interesting information it contains…

“Well when I posted that Comic Con footage with the sh–ty music and terrible scratches (that otherwise rocked)—a source of mine that I’ve been in contact for years inside Lionsgate contacted me out of sheer frustration, whom I’ll call JIGSAW. It seems that after a summer, where we’ve had incredible success with Superhero properties that were treated with respect by filmmakers that were left to do their thing… that Lionsgate has turned a deaf ear to all of that.”

The article seems to confirm that the ridiculous nature of the Red Band trailer I talked about earlier is likely due to Lionsgate and not the creative minds behind the film.

Now, the dudes over at Ain’t It Cool don’t have a history of making false claims, so I’m taking this as pretty reliable info (as reliable as news can be when delivered by unnamed Hollywood sources) at this point.

I guess the main point of this post was simply to pass that on and say that while the aforementioned Red Band trailer was pretty silly, I could still see a rad movie coming out of that. But now, with rumors/info like this coming out about it, I’m inclined to think ol’ Frank Castle might have some egg on his face come premiere time.


‘Punisher: War Zone,’ my god, what have you done?!

I’m not sure how many of you have caught the new Red Band trailer of “Punisher: War Zone,” but here’s just a list of initial reactions I’ve heard after having the link sent to me and passing it around to some others (friends, colleagues, etc)…

“This is the goriest trailer I have ever seen.”

“This could either be the best movie ever or the worst movie ever…there is no middle ground for a movie like this.”

[In response to above comment] “…or it could be the best movie ever BECAUSE it is the worst movie ever…I could get behind that!”

“If that is the trailer…this is a snuff film.”

I could grab some screen caps of the crazy gore and post them here, but honestly, I don’t want someone to walk into those without some forewarning. So, if those comments have piqued your interest, or you’re the “it mght gross me out, but now I have to see it” type, then click here and watch the trailer. But be warned, it is a gore-fest the likes of which has never been seen in a “superhero” film!

Now, I’m a big fan of HBO’s “Rome,” so hearing Ray Stevenson was going to be the new Punisher was awesome news for me. I’d seen him cut down gladiators, so heck yeah I’d be up for seeing him chop the mob into bits! Early photos from the set had me pretty psyched, as well! It looked good, dark and pretty cool. Then, the first trailer hit and featured far too much chandelier swinging which kinda led me to move from psyched to apathetic about the film.

But now, after this trailer…it’s like…I don’t want to say I want to see it…but, hell yes, I will see it! It might be awful, or it might be surprisingly good…that’s up to you after you watch it.

Me? Well, I can see this movie being a bit like a semi-serious “Shoot ‘Em Up” and just being so much ridiculous fun that it’ll be great. Conversely, it could easily just be too much gore to work, even with the Punisher.

I just hope they aren’t aiming for super-serious, because they’ve already lost that with Frank Castle punching in faces like they’re month old pumpkins.