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08.Feb.2013 Gamma-infused Pizza Party

If you picked up the truly excellent Dark Horse Presents #20 last month, you had the distinct pleasure of reading a radical little story by Ulises Farinas and Erick Freitas. Comics Alliance wrote a great piece about the nostalgia-fueled pop culture-laced fun bomb of a comic that is Gamma, so I suggest you read what […]

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24.Sep.2012 I’ve truly entered the comic book world.

If you read comics for long enough and pay attention, you’ll begin to notice that writers and artists love to work tons of references into their work. Subtle references, clever references, inside jokes, bizarre gags and obscure imagery that are often a treat for eagle-eyed and perceptive readers. Sometimes it’s as simple as a song […]


04.Jan.2010 It’s time for a Pizza Party!

Because sometimes it saves you a few hours a day when you just post a picture worth a thousand words instead of writing them, the long neglected tumblr known as “Pizza Party!” is back.

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28.Apr.2009 Arty Party!

Earlier today, I was scrolling through my Google Reader and I came across a link on The Beat that struck my fancy. It seems there’s a Kitty Pryde tribute art show called “Full of Pryde” where some modern comics artists are doing their take on the X-Men’s phasin’ vixen and it’s all a fundraiser for […]


09.Apr.2009 Brutal Combat

Challenged by my long-time amigo and former roommate Jon-Erik, I have entered the realm of a super simple and super fun online flash game: My Brute. Here’s the basics: Head to, or accept an invite to fight me (PizzaPartyMan) by clicking here. Then you enter a name, get a cool little warrior generated for […]

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