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21.Jun.2012 Franklin & Bosh


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16.Sep.2011 Game of ‘Staches

Movember is coming… Grow a mustache to help fight cancer! Email me today at jimgibbons1[at]gmail[dot]com and join up today! (The original Game of Thrones poster.)

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14.Oct.2010 Two more for Movember! Jeremy Atkins and Steve Olson join up!

Two new Mo Bros have signed on as members of Team Mammoth-Stache, making our Movember mob ten men strong! Ladies and gents, allow me to introduce a duo of debonair dudes: Steve Olson and Jeremy Atkins!

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06.Oct.2010 Simon says “Movember!”

October hasn’t even made it out of its first week yet and Team Mammoth-Stache has gained its eighth member! Coming to us (again!) from the Dark Horse stable, editor Philip Simon has kindly agreed to lend his ferocious facial hair-growing skills to the cause!

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05.Oct.2010 The Mo’ of Morency

Ladies and gents, Mammoth-Stache has gained it’s seventh, epic member! Allow me to introduce Marc Morency!


30.Sep.2010 Movember 2010 becomes a family affair

Mammoth-Stache gained a powerful ally today…


28.Sep.2010 Movember Enlistment Posters: Join Today!

Photoshopping is a lot like a tube of Pringles. Once you pop, you just can’t stop. Or rather, once you ‘shop, you just can’t stop.

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23.Nov.2009 Space ‘Stache and Santa Claus

Nothing says “Please donate to this worthy cause” like poorly photoshopped promotional materials, so please enjoy this image of me as an astronaut!


08.May.2009 Can I axe you a question?

Because extreme binging on Conan comics makes me act a little barbaric in photoshop…