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21.Jan.2012 Mustache photography

During Movember 2011, I was contacted by Movember HQ to see if I had any high-res photos of myself that they could potentially use in official Mo’-related ads. I was excited by the prospect, but disheartened when I realized I didn’t have a single photo that fit the specs they needed. My “classic” mustache and […]

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17.Jul.2011 More Photos via Phone

My still relatively new iPhone continues to make life documentation a breeze. A while back, I posted a series my first series iPhone photos. I’m back to post some more.


12.Jun.2011 Photos via Phone

I’ve always liked photography, but it wasn’t until journalism school that I really developed a sense of awe and appreciation for people who could use a camera to truly capture life. I’ve seen photogs of different varieties working in their respective fields, I’ve watched friends labor over which photos to choose out of hundreds for […]

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16.Jul.2010 Get your follow on: Seen All Over and the return of Nothing More American

If you find yourself residing online way more than what’s considered healthy (much like I do), you’re always looking for fresh blog blood to make your Google Reader a more diverse and interesting venue. Presuming you are like me and that applies, let me make some site recommendations for your reading pleasure…

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