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14.Apr.2010 Death Dress

This frightening bit of fashion was brought to my attention on Boing Boing today. While I’m in full support of sustainability, it’s safe to say I’m not a big fan of this evening wear.

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03.Mar.2010 Ironically, I owe my very existence to a peanut

I’m clearly not a big fan of peanuts. (Please refer to this site’s url for more!) And yet, if it weren’t for a peanut, I would never have existed.


28.Jun.2009 Ice Cream: A battleground for Man vs. Peanut!

A few weeks ago while in Vermont, I got to visit the magical and tasty Ben & Jerry’s factory in Waterbury. However, while Ben & Jerry’s is my ice cream of choice, their penchant for adding swirls and chunks of candies and fruit to create their many eclectic flavors make partaking in their cups and […]


13.Jun.2009 ‘Enemy of Peanuts: The Webcomic’ Part 5—It’s never that easy.

If you thought the action was over, you’d be sorely mistaken…

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20.Apr.2009 Man cannot live by bread alone!

I recently spied this aisle display at a Duane Reade pharmacy on the Upper East Side in Manhattan. Yet another warning for any and all enemies of peanuts, it seems the death-nut is now equally as important as bread and water. With aisle arrangements putting my personal kryptonite on par with two essential edibles, it […]

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14.Apr.2009 The Irony of Ads

Recently, I signed up for Google’s Adsense service and the results of what ads are popping up on my site have been as hilarious as I expected. You see, Adsense scopes out your site’s content and frequently used words to decide which ads to place (when I don’t mess with any of the settings). Now, […]


28.Aug.2008 The Joker must seriously hate me….

When I was flipping through the new Previews catalog yesterday, I came across a cover featuring the Joker that I found particularly disturbing. I’ll explain why this cover made me shudder so much, even at the risk of divulging my own personal kryptonite… Now a smiling, psychotic madman might be enough to put a shiver […]

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