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07.Feb.2013 Black Beetle’s wild ride

If you’ve been following me on twitter or tumblr recently, you’ve probably seen a few posts about Francesco Francavilla’s noir superhero masterpiece The Black Beetle. BB‘s the first comic that I’ve edited solo from the get go and it’s been a distinct pleasure working with someone as passionate and enthusiastic as Francesco. Dude’s pretty damn […]

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01.Oct.2009 All Day Pizza Buffet: The Clues

Ward Maddock’s current case is continued here! This time, the space detective runs down the clues…


26.Sep.2009 All Day Pizza Buffet BONUS!: Whodunit?!

I watched a murder mystery movie tonight while drinking delicious pumpkin beer (another post on that soon) and I ended up drawing a character I created a few years back just for funsies.