What’s Going On.

Ok, so I haven’t been blogging that much of late. But, it’s not because I don’t totally love all you readers and have plenty of super rad stuff to say. The problem is simple: I have been extremely busy with tons of real life stuff away from the interwebs. Like…
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A few ‘Few Line Reviews’

Hey folks, I’ve trucked through a fair share of comics this week (my new daily train ride has certainly helped me allot more time to reading) and even though I’m only halfway through all the books I want to read, I’m posting up these initial brief reviews. I’m hitting the DMV (or MVC, as it’s oddly called in New Jersey) tomorrow and then picking up my broseph from the airport for a weekend of New York City fun, so if I do get through the rest of those books, I likely won’t have time for reaction-reviews.

So, please enjoy this smattering.
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Reviews of Brews: Spring and Summertime wheat beers

Sun splaying out from between tree branches and splashing across a patio in the late afternoon as a pitcher of cool wheat beer, adorned with several lemon slices, sweats on the table.

If the above fits your description of an ideal night of drinking, than you’re my kind of beer lover.

The weather here in Northern New Jersey has turned toward summer and my taste buds have been calling for a pint of chilled wheat to fight off the heat, so I’m kicking off my Reviews of Brews with three summer beers that hopefully will be the perfect filler for that soon-to-be sweating pitcher: Victory’s Whirlwind Witbier, Long Trail’s Belgian White and High Point’s Ramstein Blonde Hefe-Weizen.
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A Shocking Valentine Discovery!

While sorting through a bunch of papers—searching for receipts and other tax nonsense after my recent move to New Jersey—I came across a Valentine I received from my lovely girlfriend Jessi.


I’d say this is easily the best greeting card I have ever received, because the premise is so ludicrous, but then I looked closer and remembered the stunning (and possibly prognosticatory) addition made by Jessi back in February (almost a month before this blog’s historic launch).

Note the third enemy: Peanuts!
Note the third enemy: Peanuts!

Further verification that my sworn enmity against legumes predates this blog, as well as verification I have a really swell girl!