Mustache photography

During Movember 2011, I was contacted by Movember HQ to see if I had any high-res photos of myself that they could potentially use in official Mo’-related ads. I was excited by the prospect, but disheartened when I realized I didn’t have a single photo that fit the specs they needed. My “classic” mustache and lions photo wouldn’t cut it this time! Continue Reading “Mustache photography”


Mustache Movie Madness on the MTV Movies Blog

This Movember, I was fortunate enough to receive some help in my fundraising efforts from a number of wonderful and generous people. It’s belated, but I have to pass along a huge and special “Thank you!” to my good buddy Josh Wigler!

Not only has Mr. Wigler made a very large and selfless donation each year I’ve participated in the mustache-centric fundraiser, but this year, as the editor of the MTV Movies Blog, Josh gave me the opportunity to write about Movember for a national audience. After some pitching and brainstorming, Josh (and his kind bosses at MTV) greenlit a column called Movember Mustache Movie Madness and I started writing. Continue Reading “Mustache Movie Madness on the MTV Movies Blog”


Dan Gibbons answers a common Movember question/concern

When asked “What’s the policy on a 3-week head start?” by a potential Movember 2011 teammate who was concerned about the fullness his ‘stache might attain in a month, Dan Gibbons had this to say…

Prepare to be informed and inspired! Continue Reading “Dan Gibbons answers a common Movember question/concern”


Pummelvision: Facebook life ain’t real life.

I recently saw a post on Laughing Squid about a Web site called Pummelvision which, with a user’s permission, pulls photos from a Facebook account and makes them into a video—your “life” flashing before your eyes, if you will. It sounded interesting and the example video looked pretty cool… Continue Reading “Pummelvision: Facebook life ain’t real life.”


More mustache news you can use…

With Movember in full effect, all sorts of great mustache-related fund-raising links have been coming across my desk. So, here’s another Movember news update full of ‘stache-centric information… Continue Reading “More mustache news you can use…”