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31.Oct.2011 Three New York City classics in one comic!

The esteemed Sean T. Collins wrote a Spider-Man story for Spider-Man: Marvel Adventures #19. I’m a big fan of Sean’s and a big fan of the Friendly Neighborhood Wall-crawler, but kicking the story off with pizza… well, that was the extra cheese on this metaphorical pie!

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20.Apr.2011 Nonplayer #1 and Fear Itself #1 [At the Mercy of The Crowd]

This is what I get for committing to a weekly blog feature. Life gets busy and I get inconsistent.

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23.Mar.2011 Hulk #31 [At the Mercy of The Crowd]

I love the Hulk! Growing up, I was about a foot taller and around 50 to 100 pounds heavier than most of my classmates until I reached high school. Throughout elementary school and the first half of middle school, I was almost constantly speaking out of turn in class, gushing forth with a steady stream […]


13.Mar.2011 Great Comic Quotes: U.S. Agent #4

U.S. Agent does not eff around…

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01.Mar.2011 Great Comic Quotes: Silver Surfer #37

While reading The Silver Surfer: Rebirth of Thanos by Jim Starlin and Ron Lim, I stumbled across these two dialogue gems.

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04.Aug.2010 Jack Kirby’s “Eternals”… Saucier than you thought!

One would expect a comic by the masterful Jack Kirby about a race of space gods, a population of hideous evil mutants and a small clan of immortal super humans to be mind blowing, but would you expect Eternals to be racy as well?! Ripped the pages of issue #5, take a gander at this […]


13.Jul.2010 By Crom, Conan can Frisbee!

“Back to the Future III” would have us believe that Marty McFly invented the Frisbee when he time traveled to the Old West. Turns out Robert E. Howard’s Conan was flipping discs as far back as the Hyborian Age.

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10.Mar.2010 The Great Potential of John Krasinski as Captain America

Frequenters of the internets will have seen that casting for “Captain America: The First Avenger” has been a big news item over the past week or two. The short version is that “The Office’s” John Krasinski (aka Jim Halpert) was initially in the running and an early front-runner for the role. He was then voted […]


01.Feb.2010 What ongoing comic series should I begin collecting as graphic novels?

A while back, I asked for suggestions on how to keep up with comics in a price effective way. In the few comments and conversations I had about the subject, the answer came back resoundingly that reading comics once they are collected is cheaper (Math I could do on my own, but glad to get […]


25.Jan.2010 Hollywood Overhaul: Remaking Better Comic Movies

I was digging through some old files on my computer when I came across a piece I pitched to CBR during my brief freelance jaunt, but couldn’t follow through on due to my employment at Dark Horse. Luckily, I wrote an initial draft so it was all ready to be adapted for blogging… ———