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20.Feb.2009 An amalgamation of nerdy things I love!

Hey Folks! If you haven’t seen “Coraline” yet, go see it! It’s great! “But why is it so great?” you undoubtedly ask. Well, for many reasons, here’s “one”… The flick is a clay figure stop-motion, 3-D movie based on a novel by Neil Gaiman. It features some choice voice talent, as well! Among the vocal […]

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28.Oct.2008 A Hodg(man)e-Podge post

Ok, I’m here to run down a few things that were all spurred on by this Onion AV Club interview with John Hodgman. Picture shamelessly stolen from The Onion, so GO READ THE ARTICLE! Now if you are only familiar with Mr. Hodgman as the PC in those Mac commercials, then you need to get […]

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