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27.Mar.2011 “Call Me Ishmael.”

In B.P.R.D.: Garden of Souls, the Bureau’s fishman Abe Sapien, sails a boat—a short plot device that lends itself to one of the single greatest atmospheric comic book pages of all-time.

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09.Feb.2011 Why you should be reading “B.P.R.D.”

I’m not big on naming favorites. I like plenty of different things for plenty of different reasons, and hate when I’m forced to boil down all the great comics (for example) I love into a single pick during casual conversation. However, selecting a choice book to highlight when this question comes up is highly preferable […]

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12.Dec.2008 One helluva Hellboy image!

Easily the single most stunning panel I’ve seen in any comic this week, John Severin delivers an amazingly awesome shot of Hellboy in B.P.R.D.: War On Frogs #2 written by John Arcudi. Try and tell me that isn’t breathtaking! Just try!

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