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10.Aug.2009 Jim Gibbons on Internet TV!

Though this past weekend was maddeningly crazy/busy, it wasn’t without some completely great and memorable moments. One of those moments was being interviewed for the UFragTV live stream from Chicago Comic-Con. The interview was a bit longer, but this is the only bit I can find over at…


08.Jun.2009 Fiesta Ramen

I am currently eating, probably, the best Ramen noodles I have ever feasted upon. It’s a quick and simple recipe, so I thought I’d share it here.

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04.Jun.2009 Vermont: It’s great! Plus, a quick life update!

Ok folks, semi-long time, no blog (‘cept that post about the Beatles a day ago, but you get me)! I’m going to start making that up to you all right now. First things first, “What’s been the hubbub, bub?” Let me tell you…


25.May.2009 What’s Going On.

Ok, so I haven’t been blogging that much of late. But, it’s not because I don’t totally love all you readers and have plenty of super rad stuff to say. The problem is simple: I have been extremely busy with tons of real life stuff away from the interwebs. Like…


13.May.2009 24 hours off the internet?!

Yes, I left the interwebs behind for a full day and now I’m back.


20.Apr.2009 A battler of peanuts must remain ever vigilant!

While living in a peanut-filled world, it’s necessary for the legume-intolerant to travel through life with their guard constantly up. After 24 long years on this planet—a world infested with enemy food stuffs around every corner—it’s a lesson I should never forget to heed as I preach it on the interwebs. Sadly, I was duped […]


15.Apr.2009 A Shocking Valentine Discovery!

While sorting through a bunch of papers—searching for receipts and other tax nonsense after my recent move to New Jersey—I came across a Valentine I received from my lovely girlfriend Jessi. I’d say this is easily the best greeting card I have ever received, because the premise is so ludicrous, but then I looked closer […]

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12.Apr.2009 Easter Egg Salad Sammiches!

Why is Easter so great? As this post’s title may have given away, it isn’t the bunnies but the edible decorations that made my Easter this year! After coloring a dozen eggs with my lovely girlfriend Jessi on Saturday, I got a chance to utilize my mad deli skills making a little egg salad for […]