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03.Nov.2009 Interwebz Hodgepodge Post: November Edition

I’ve been piling up a series of tabs in my web browser full of links and videos I’ve seen online recently that made me think, “I should link to that on my blog.” I was hoping some sort of pattern would arise in these interweb nuggets so that linking them would seem natural and well […]


09.Jun.2009 Interweb nuggets!

Here are two super rad things I saw online today. So, I’m passing them along…


13.May.2009 24 hours off the internet?!

Yes, I left the interwebs behind for a full day and now I’m back.


19.Apr.2009 Adding a little Monkey Business to ‘Enemy Of Peanuts!’

In an effort for a little expansion of my voice across the interwebs, I’ve brought over some of my best posts from The Loudest Monkey. All the great marginalia, linkage and numerous reviews are still over there, so for the full, expansive and awe-inspiring blog experience of The Loudest Monkey head over to But […]

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14.Apr.2009 The Irony of Ads

Recently, I signed up for Google’s Adsense service and the results of what ads are popping up on my site have been as hilarious as I expected. You see, Adsense scopes out your site’s content and frequently used words to decide which ads to place (when I don’t mess with any of the settings). Now, […]