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01.Sep.2009 My ‘Adventure Time’ fan art comic strip

Ever since I saw the “Share Your Fan Art” button in the margin of the “Adventure Time” tumbleblog, I began plotting a super short comic strip to submit. I opted for a slightly crazed, Hulkin’ out Finn… and here it is!


25.Aug.2009 All Day Pizza Buffet: Drive-In Discussion

Sorry for the lateness on this puppy (I explained the weird reasons for the lack of timeliness here, if you’re interested), but please enjoy this “daily” doodle!


02.Aug.2009 Get ready for…

…Electric Manhole! Seriously, “very, very soon” is most definitely the case…stay tuned!


30.Jul.2009 The butler’s night off

I drew this back in February after reading an issue of The Outsiders in which Alfred was particularly 007ish. Though I didn’t have any story in mind for this picture before I drew it—I really just wanted to draw a sweet mustache—I think what is likely going on here is…

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28.Jul.2009 5,000 pageviews! Huzzah!

It’s the blog’s first major milestone, so I thought I’d do a brief back-patting post and thank you all for your patronage of my site!