Cast Your Pod to the Wind

Are you excited to binge on the nasal voice of a nerdy white guy? Get ready!

This past year, thanks to my good friend and compatriot, the talented and extremely hard-working Josh Wigler (Listen to “First One Out,” you’ll see what I mean.), I got into podcasting. I had a blast and it was a good way to put all my nerdy hot takes to better use than simply spouting them off on Twitter at 12 a.m. Josh and I know each other from way back in our Wizard magazine days, so it was also a pleasure to get to spend so much time with an old friend who lives thousands of miles away!
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Great Comic Quotes: Dylan Dog

I recently finished Dark Horse’s massive collection of horror-filled detective stories straight from Italy (though the stories take place in and around London) entitled “The Dylan Dog Case Files.” It’s definitely enjoyable stuff, so I highly recommend checking it out—especially if you like a little deduction with your scary stories. The case files are full of great quotes, but due to the book’s binding much of it is extremely difficult to scan. However, this gem in writer Tiziano Sclavi’s tale “Dawn of the Living Dead” (illustrated by Angelo Stano) fell on a page corner and I could schmoosh it down enough to scan it in.
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