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14.Mar.2011 New Job!

Good news, peoples of the internets! Today I began a brand new job that will help me achieve a goal I set for myself when I graduated college back in 2007. My goal was to one day make comic books. I’ve written about comics for a living, promoted comics for a living and, as of […]


20.Oct.2010 A network of mustache hairs reaching across the globe…

Much like a Facebook for crumb catchers, Movember has added a networking feature to its Web site this year. Basically a way for like-minded mo-growers to band together, Movember’s networks can be used to group people by height, weight, geographical location or a penchant for ponies—just so long as you ask them to make a […]

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14.Jun.2010 Pancakes: Now more colorful than ever before!

People who read the previous post about a truly excellent piece of artwork I commissioned will undoubtedly remember the man responsible for it, Mr. Dan Hipp. In the aforementioned post, I posited that the number of additional fun gags in the commission could only be due to Señor Hipp being “far more rad than I […]

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A Pancake Dinner with Hellboy

For those who’ve never been to a comic book convention, one of the coolest hobbies you can pick up while attending them is getting yourself a sketchbook, bringing it around to a multitude of artists and having them draw their takes on some hero, character or theme. During my time at Wizard, I had a […]

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18.May.2010 Two lucha libre links…

It’s been a while since I’ve done a ¡Viva Lucha Libre! post, and as I missed a perfect opportunity with “Hellboy in Mexico” coming out on Cinco De Mayo, I thought I’d post this graphic design gem I found thanks to Boing Boing.

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04.May.2010 A hell of a bear!

Illustrator and graphic designer Julius Santiago has a project called “365 Bears” that’s well worth checking out. For a whole year, Mr. Santiago is taking his relatively simple bear design and dressing it up in all sorts of outfits and costumes to compile 365 unique bears. There’s a new bear each day and you can […]


04.Mar.2010 Monkeying around with Hellboy

Possibly the greatest three panel sequence in the history of comics…


24.Feb.2010 Great Comic Quotes: (Not) For The Birds

Sometimes you just have to put your foot down.


27.Dec.2009 Hellboy Doodle

I pulled out my pens earlier and doodled this Hellboy image, colored it a few ways and thought I’d post the results here. I’m still getting back in the swing of doodling (Please note: This is not art, nor will you hear me calling it that—’cause it isn’t art.) so I stuck with a simple […]


04.Oct.2009 All Day Pizza Buffet BONUS!: Hot Tubs

‘Cause everybody loves a nice, long soak…