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23.Nov.2009 Space ‘Stache and Santa Claus

Nothing says “Please donate to this worthy cause” like poorly photoshopped promotional materials, so please enjoy this image of me as an astronaut!


13.Sep.2009 All Day Pizza Buffet: Unemployment

Joblessness has been on my mind of late (What are the odds, right?!) and in a Hollywood-like moment where I was gazing into my own eyes in a mirror and contemplating unemployment, I came up with this concept.


20.Mar.2008 Damn good looking or just a time traveler?

A week or so ago, Dr. Hot Read’s Andy Serwin stumbled across a familiar face in an old Thor issue from back in 1972…MINE! Prepare yourselves, this may blow your mind! Here’s the issue for reference (Check your collection! Perhaps you can see this oddity in your own home!): So, flipping through the comic, Andy […]

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