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07.Jun.2011 Forever as ewoks

The Troll King by Kolbeinn Karlsson is a remarkably bizarre comic. It’s mesmerizing, too. If you’re a fan of off-kilter… well, anything… you’ll love it! Plus, it has references to ewoks! Good stuff.

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19.Aug.2010 “Star Wars Tales” is amazing!

Sometimes you stumble across a comic that’s so rad it makes you feel intense shame for not previously being aware of its existence and totally in love with it. Today, I found that Star Wars Tales is one of those comics.


03.Nov.2009 Interwebz Hodgepodge Post: November Edition

I’ve been piling up a series of tabs in my web browser full of links and videos I’ve seen online recently that made me think, “I should link to that on my blog.” I was hoping some sort of pattern would arise in these interweb nuggets so that linking them would seem natural and well […]


20.Aug.2009 Silly Search Engine Terms Jamboree! Part Two

As I explained in Part One of Silly Search Engine Terms Jamboree, I have a fascination with online traffic stats. One of these stats shows me what people searched in Google or Yahoo that led them to Enemy of Peanuts. Here are my favorites from the past 30 days:


25.Apr.2009 Silly Search Engine Terms Jamboree!

One of the greatest and most addicting things about working on the internet or running a blog is how immediately you can get tons of feedback. Programs like Google Analytics and WordPress Stats track all sorts of little things having to do with your site: From how many hits it’s getting and who’s linking your […]


21.Apr.2009 The Virtue of Ewoks, or “Why I don’t mind the prequels.”

Like any good nerd, I am a big fan of Star Wars. In most conversations on the subject, however, I’ve found myself to be a pretty accepting fan in comparison to most. This is probably due to the fact that the prequels don’t really bother me. In my mind, the more Star Wars the merrier. […]