All Day Pizza Buffet: Enemy of Peanuts Doodles

I got pretty excited about the EoP fan art I just received in the mail and had some new pens to try out. So while I scanned in the fan art, I doodled up some images of the character that shares this blog’s namesake.
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More EoP Fan Art!

Back in July, Post-It Note artist extraordinaire Larry Joe Mitchell became the first person ever to draw a piece of Enemy of Peanuts fan art. I missed meeting up with Mr. Mitchell at Chicago Comic Con to receive the Post-It, but I think that turned out for the best. You see, if I had met him there, I would have never gotten another piece of EoP fan art on the envelope that contained the first Post-It!
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Hodgepodge: A post of assorted random stuffs.

Hey there, folks!
If you’re a regular ’round these parts, you’ll notice that this week has been particularly light on the blogging.

Sorry about that.

After last weekend’s crazy-busy vacation, this week has been chock-full of tons of work and other life stuff all piled on top of me seriously needing to catch up on sleep. Finally, at week’s end, I’ve got all aspects sorted, but haven’t had too much chance to cobble together anything by way of this blog. So, for funsies, I figured I would just toss together a bunch of random little things for a hodgepodge entry. I hope you all enjoy it!
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The Official Enemy of Peanuts T-Shirt: Pencil work.

After opening my Awesome Online Shop with the outrageously cool Makin’ Bacon Naked t-shirt, I vowed an official Enemy of Peanuts t-shirt was on its way. Well, I did the initial pencil work on my first tentative design last week and have finally found some time now between busy work days and busy vacation days to post it for viewing.
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EoP’s first Fan Art!

I got this sent to me today through the WUMB and I am not only super excited about it, but also extremely flattered and humbled as well! A massively huge and enormously gigantic thanks to Larry Joe (aka KrpyKrwly) for delivering Enemy of Peanuts: The Webcomic‘s first ever fan art submission!
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Fuel the economy! Buy Enemy of Peanuts merchandise!

Ready to do your duty as Americans (or citizens of the world)? Get your credit cards ready, because it’s time to start buying the coolest and most hilarious items in anti-peanut and amateur cartooning apparel!

In a follow-up to the series of posts about the Makin’ Bacon Naked t-shirt I was designing for my brother’s volleyball team, the final version of that shirt will be the first official piece of EoP merchandise available for public purchase! Excited? Of course you are!

Front of shirt on left, back of shirt on right.
Front of shirt on left, back of shirt on right.

You can buy this shirt by clicking on the “Awesome Online Shop!” tab above (or by clicking this link to it: or head straight to the source and go to!

Right now there is only the one available design and only a few shirt style options, but I’ll have more in there soon.

For comics and prints, stay tuned! I’ll start selling those as soon as I can!


Enemy of Peanuts at MoCCA 2010?

Greetings loyal blog-readers!
I was having a conversation with Rowdy Schoolyard‘s Dave Paggi (the creator of Pancake Lover) and started getting really excited about the prospect of teaming up for a table at next year’s MoCCA Festival. However, as someone who tends to get extremely excited about things—in both good and bad ways—I thought putting a few things out here would (A) help me get some good feedback from a varied audience about how to make this cool plan a successful reality and (B) put my commitment to this idea “on paper” in the blogosphere, thus making it all the more important I follow through on it.
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