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25.May.2010 May Video Parade

Over the course of a few days last week, I stumbled across or was directed to a bunch of great videos online. Like all users of the internets, I find time to watch a YouTube video here and there, but it seemed like a higher percentage of excellent viewables had come to my attention. So, […]

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06.Apr.2010 Hodgepodgin’

This post is all about some odds and ends I’ve been meaning to blog. It starts off very Jim Gibbons-centric and moves on from there. As to these first links, let’s just say I’m keeping a record of online references to myself in order to one day show my grandkids how “cool” I was as […]


03.Nov.2009 Interwebz Hodgepodge Post: November Edition

I’ve been piling up a series of tabs in my web browser full of links and videos I’ve seen online recently that made me think, “I should link to that on my blog.” I was hoping some sort of pattern would arise in these interweb nuggets so that linking them would seem natural and well […]


02.Oct.2009 The only peanut I may actually love

I saw this on Drawn! Illustration & Cartoon Blog and was all ready to fire up a whole post about how I’d seen too many peanut-friendly things on the interwebs this week. Then I watched this adorable video and I believe I have discovered the only deadly peanut I may actually be able to endorse…


18.Aug.2009 Introducing ‘All Day Pizza Buffet’

Here’s the deal… I’ve been extremely busy over the past few weeks, which is usually a good things—especially when it is the “fun busy” that I’ve been—but it has really cut back on mt drawing time. My busy-ness had me playing around with the idea of picking up a simple and small drawing project I […]