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16.Nov.2010 Domo Doodles

This is Domo…

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28.Jul.2010 Continuing a Pre-San Diego tradition

Last year, I drew a cartoon for my buddy Josh Wigler as he worked vigorously to prepare for Comic-Con International in San Diego. Josh used that cartooned image of himself for his Twitter icon up until last week… when he asked me to doodle him up a new face to run alongside his tweets. Busy […]


28.Apr.2010 All Day Pizza Buffet: “Bub, I’m the luckiest guy alive.”

No new “Lost” last night. But hey, here’s this!

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06.Apr.2010 Hodgepodgin’

This post is all about some odds and ends I’ve been meaning to blog. It starts off very Jim Gibbons-centric and moves on from there. As to these first links, let’s just say I’m keeping a record of online references to myself in order to one day show my grandkids how “cool” I was as […]


All Day Pizza Buffet: Abe Grimes [Legal Pad Edition!]

Earlier today, I saw the news that Rick Grimes had been cast in the new “Walking Dead” series—”Andrew Lincoln Is Rick Grimes In ‘The Walking Dead’.” With that headline in mind, my brain started churning, got way ahead of itself and then commanded that I doodle.

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26.Aug.2009 All Day Pizza Buffet: Island in the sun

I’ve been re-watching “Lost” with my girlfriend in preparation for the upcoming final season. Here is one comic result of that re-watching. (Hopefully it’s “comic” in two senses of the word: being a comic and making you laugh!)


25.Aug.2009 All Day Pizza Buffet: Drive-In Discussion

Sorry for the lateness on this puppy (I explained the weird reasons for the lack of timeliness here, if you’re interested), but please enjoy this “daily” doodle!


12.Jun.2009 “Makin’ Bacon Naked” T-Shirt: Round Three

If you haven’t been keeping up, my brother Dan and our buddy, his volleyball teammate, Steve commissioned me to doodle up something for their V-Ball team’s t-shirt. The team name? “Makin’ Bacon Naked.” I took the challenge (you can see the earlier stages of the process here and here) and it’s been a blast so […]


09.Jun.2009 Today was a soggy, wet day.

Today was one of those disgustingly rainy days that would have been perfect if I could have curled up and slept in, but alas, I must work for a living and even though I have been nursing a nasty illness lately, you really can’t afford two sick days nowadays…so, I got my coat on, pulled […]

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07.Jun.2009 “Makin’ Bacon Naked” T-Shirt: Round Two

Here are my first takes on the Volleyball team t-shirt I mentioned in the last post.