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04.Jan.2012 My Year in Graphic Novels: 2011

Much like last year, as opposed to a “Best of” list, I’ve compiled a list of what books I read in 2011. The books are listed chronologically based on when I finished them. Notable reads are marked in italics. The novels I read were work related, but otherwise, this doesn’t include stuff I read specifically […]

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03.Nov.2011 “How about a Jim Gordon?”

With a very generous donation of $100 before the auction deadline of November 1, my good friend and longtime Movember supporter Josh Wigler claimed my mustache style rights for 2011. After jokingly suggesting I shoot for a Jeff Daniels a la “Gettysburg” walrus-stache, Mr. Wigler decided I should attempt to emulate one of comic book […]

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16.Mar.2011 Xombi #1 [At the Mercy of The Crowd]

This week, I headed into the shop looking for Image’s Skullkickers at the recommendation of Josh Wigler. When it was nowhere to be found, friend and co-worker Tim Wiesch handed me DC’s Xombi #1. This was a fortuitous occurrence.

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11.Jan.2011 My Year in Graphic Novels

I envy the comics readers, critics and bloggers who confidently feel they have surveyed enough of the year’s comics work to make a list explaining which books were the best. I always feel like I’m playing catch up, reading comics from recent and long passed history more often than current and groundbreaking graphic novel work. […]


22.Oct.2010 Super Monkey

Some comics are good, some are bad and some are just awesome and fun all the time. If you’re a fan of fun, Tiny Titans is always a good bet! I recently read issue #31 and this sequence cracked me up. Enjoy!

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27.Aug.2010 Just say “Hm” to facehuggers!

Much like the most excellent issues of Star Wars Tales I recently came across, my office area move and the “free table” in the Dark Horse break room have been great resources for finding interesting older comics from my employer. So, as I read through these gems—issues of Dark Horse Presents, Star Wars comics and […]

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11.May.2010 Ruminations on storytelling, heroes and comic book worlds as encouraged by “Iron Man 2”

I saw “Iron Man 2” last night, and while it’s not a groundbreaking landmark in filmmaking history, I thought it was a darn good action flick. I laughed, I thrilled to the excitement, I got pumped up and I even got a little emotional, but most importantly, I left happy. However, I think the most […]


01.Feb.2010 What ongoing comic series should I begin collecting as graphic novels?

A while back, I asked for suggestions on how to keep up with comics in a price effective way. In the few comments and conversations I had about the subject, the answer came back resoundingly that reading comics once they are collected is cheaper (Math I could do on my own, but glad to get […]


08.Sep.2009 Great Comic Quotes: ‘Light Brigade’

I love snappy one-liners! Comics, movies, TV, well-written or cheesy, it doesn’t matter. I love’em! Last week, I read Light Brigade by Peter Tomasi and Peter Snejbjerg. It’s a four issue miniseries from DC Comics that I certainly hope someone is developing for the big screen right now, as it’s an awesome and really well […]


22.Jul.2009 A lil’ more hodgepodge: Beastie Boys, Legion of Super-Heroes and manholes!

This week my mind seems to be jumping around as much or more so than last, so I’m being mentally forced to do another scatterbrained hodgepodge post. Hopefully, this assortment of random thoughts put to print entertains! Let’s get to it…