Just say “Hm” to facehuggers!

Much like the most excellent issues of Star Wars Tales I recently came across, my office area move and the “free table” in the Dark Horse break room have been great resources for finding interesting older comics from my employer. So, as I read through these gems—issues of Dark Horse Presents, Star Wars comics and Dark Horse crossovers—I figured I’d scan in memorable comics moments as I come across them. A week ago, I was reading the first issue of Superman/Aliens II: God War written by Chuck Dixon, penciled by Jon Bogdanove with Kevin Nowlan on inks and Dave Stewart on colors, when I stumbled across this ridiculously badass moment sure to please fanboys who aren’t already familiar with it—and act as an enjoyable refresher to those who have. So, please enjoy Darkseid of Apokolips’ encounter with an Alien facehugger!
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Ruminations on storytelling, heroes and comic book worlds as encouraged by “Iron Man 2”

I saw “Iron Man 2” last night, and while it’s not a groundbreaking landmark in filmmaking history, I thought it was a darn good action flick. I laughed, I thrilled to the excitement, I got pumped up and I even got a little emotional, but most importantly, I left happy.

Iron Man 2

However, I think the most interesting—and encouraging—thing “Iron Man 2” did for me happened after I left the theater. The film had actively engaged my nerd brain to the point where I ended up turning over numerous thoughts about the character of Iron Man and, furthermore, the universe he resides in before branching out to comparisons between other fictional worlds. That’s the mark of a good comic flick, in my estimation. It gets you excited to think about superheroes again.
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