Way Too Busy

Remember when I used to blog? Me neither.

In an attempt to update this webspace with something, here’s a list of what’s taking up my time right now…

Comic Books and Graphic Novels I’m currently editing…

Captain Midnight
Cover to Captain Midnight #1 by Felipe Massafera.

Captain Midnight
Brain Boy
The Black Beetle: Necrologue
Polar: Came from the Cold HC
Blood Brothers
Emily and The Strangers
Trekker: The Train to Avalon Bay (in Dark Horse Presents)
Juice Squeezers (in Dark Horse Presents)
-Secret Company-Owned Superhero Project
-Secret Creator-Owned Superhero Project
-Secret Digital Comic Collection
-Secret Creator-Owned sci-fi/monster/young adult Project
-Six other Secret DHP projects

Comics I’m assisting on as an associate editor or co-editing…

Cover to Two Past Midnight #2
Cover to Two Past Midnight #2 by Paolo Rivera.

Two Past Midnight
Dark Horse Presents
The Massive
The Strain: The Fall
-Top Secret Young Adult Original Graphic Novel

Recently completed projects…

Full wraparound cover and design for The Black Beetle Vol. 1: No Way Out by Francesco Francavilla.
Full wraparound cover and design for The Black Beetle Vol. 1: No Way Out by Francesco Francavilla.

The Black Beetle Vol. 1: No Way Out HC
Trekker Omnibus
Orchid Vol. 3
-The Dark Horse Conventions Super Sampler
GAMMA one-shot (assisted on this one)

Currently gestating…
-Two top secret ongoing comic series
-Top secret original graphic novel pitch
-Top secret thing I’m writing, not editing

I’l probably get back to using this blog for jotting down stories I want to remember, comics process stuff, mustache-related writings, and other exciting life stuff one day, but for the foreseeable future, it’ll be shorter posts like this for the sake of updating this page with… something!


The short story behind Tremors comics

Been meaning to write this blog post for about a year now, so some of the details might not be exactly right, but here’s the story…

I’m a huge fan of the Tremors movies. If you’ve known me for a while, odds are it’s come up at some point because I’m always happy to talk about those films! An awesome and campy quadrilogy of monster-filled westerns where you’ve got Kevin Bacon, Fred Ward, and Michael Gross, as well as Reba McEntire, not to mention a bunch of big fucking worm monsters! It’s survival horror at it’s weirdest and I love it! Continue Reading “The short story behind Tremors comics”


Black Beetle’s wild ride

If you’ve been following me on twitter or tumblr recently, you’ve probably seen a few posts about Francesco Francavilla’s noir superhero masterpiece The Black Beetle. BB‘s the first comic that I’ve edited solo from the get go and it’s been a distinct pleasure working with someone as passionate and enthusiastic as Francesco. Dude’s pretty damn talented too. Pretty crazy to think that I own one of the lucky sets of eyeballs that gets to see his best work to date on a regular basis.

Francesco and I, as well as Dark Horse Publisher Mike Richardson, had high hopes for what originally felt like a niche comic. BB had oodles of potential, but truly great books get canceled all the time, so you never know. Thankfully, all the hard work FF poured into this baby paid off. It’s been extremely gratifying to see this little book live up to its greatest potential. And it’s still going!

So, for the sake of enjoying the moment and remembering this when I get old and gray, here’s some of the link journey that led us to this week, when we announced the sell out of issue #1.
Continue Reading “Black Beetle’s wild ride”


Another Jim Gibbons comic book appearance

Remember, back in September, when I relayed a story about how artist Evan Shaner had added a Jim Gibbons-related Easter egg to Buddy Cops, a story appearing in Dark Horse Presents? Well, that ain’t the only Jim Gibbons comic reference anymore! Continue Reading “Another Jim Gibbons comic book appearance”


I’ve truly entered the comic book world.

If you read comics for long enough and pay attention, you’ll begin to notice that writers and artists love to work tons of references into their work. Subtle references, clever references, inside jokes, bizarre gags and obscure imagery that are often a treat for eagle-eyed and perceptive readers. Sometimes it’s as simple as a song lyric worked into a line of dialogue or a portrait of a writer as an “extra” in a scene, other times it may be as overt as an editor’s head showing up on a pike on a battlefield in front of a conquering army—just ask Philip Simon or Patrick Thorpe, they’ve both been decapitated in comics before! References like these in comic books are the easter eggs that über nerds like me love. I’d be lying if I said that I never hoped my career as an editor would lead to some obscure nod to yours truly.

And now, thanks to artist Evan “Doc” Shaner, I’ve officially been referenced in a comic book! Continue Reading “I’ve truly entered the comic book world.”


San Diego Comic-Con 2012: The Photos

Continuing my Comic-Com International recollection for 2012 after posting a list of highlights a few days ago, here are all the photos I took at this year’s show. In year’s past, I’ve come home from San Diego only to realize I took about five to ten photos that in no way showcase the Comic-Con experience. So, this year, I made an effort to take a ton of photos. If I thought, “Wow, that’s a weird/interesting/strange/wild/crazy/outrageous/cool/fun thing!” I did my best to capture it on my iPhone camera.

Here’s what I came home with this year… Continue Reading “San Diego Comic-Con 2012: The Photos”


San Diego Comic-Con 2012: The Memories

It was a helluva show, folks!

Comic-Con International 2012, aka San Diego Comic-Con, was a raucous success this year. By far the best SDCC I’ve ever attended. Not only was it a very encouraging show—seems every comic person I talked to was selling a lot of stuff and having a great time, so the air of enthusiasm was very high—but it was a show without any real problems. (So, far as my experience went… a rarity for such a huge convention.) In short, I had way too much fucking fun and also managed to get some work done. Success!

Me with Bilbo’s trolls at the Weta booth.

Continue Reading “San Diego Comic-Con 2012: The Memories”


What I Do For A Living

When people ask what I do for a living I usually explain that I work at a comic book publisher and vaguely run down a few of my responsibilities. Each different rank of editor performs a ton of different tasks, all of which help publications reach their pinnacle before becoming available to the reading public. Some of these tasks are extremely interesting and some of them are fairly dull. All of them are extremely necessary and important to the production of comics, but listing them all doesn’t usually make for interesting conversation. Long story short, I don’t think many of us editorial folk explain all that we do very often, because it’s a pretty lengthy list of responsibilities.
Continue Reading “What I Do For A Living”


Stumptown Comics Fest 2012: The iPhone Photos

This weekend, Stumptown Comics Fest took Portland by storm. It was a fun show full of friendship, great comics, fantastic creators, and knowledgeable and enthusiastic fans. I worked the Dark Horse booth most of Saturday and returned Sunday to do some shopping. All in all, a great weekend and a great show.

I really should begin taking photos of people, but here are the photos I have to commemorate the event… Continue Reading “Stumptown Comics Fest 2012: The iPhone Photos”


Shop Talk: Interviews and Previews

Recently, I was interviewed by two separate news outlets about working as an assistant editor at Dark Horse Comics. Oddly enough, both of the interviews came out on the same day, causing friend, former co-worker, comic writer and toy publicist Justin Aclin to dub October 7th “National Interview Jim Gibbons Day.” Though it’s unlikely this moniker shall ever be attributed to any national media holiday, I’m sincerely grateful for the press—it’s always nice to be given a soapbox to talk about some great upcoming comics! Continue Reading “Shop Talk: Interviews and Previews”