New Job!

Good news, peoples of the internets! Today I began a brand new job that will help me achieve a goal I set for myself when I graduated college back in 2007. My goal was to one day make comic books. I’ve written about comics for a living, promoted comics for a living and, as of today, my new gig as an Assistant Editor at Dark Horse Comics means I am now getting paid to make comics. Continue Reading “New Job!”


Pancakes: Now more colorful than ever before!

People who read the previous post about a truly excellent piece of artwork I commissioned will undoubtedly remember the man responsible for it, Mr. Dan Hipp. In the aforementioned post, I posited that the number of additional fun gags in the commission could only be due to SeƱor Hipp being “far more rad than I expected.” Well, that hypothesis has been proven true again!

Today, over on his blog, Hipp posted a version of the commission splashed with glorious digital colors. This treat is most definitely the icing on a wonderful commission experience.

Groove-tastic art by Dan Hipp.

Thanks again, Dan!


A Pancake Dinner with Hellboy

For those who’ve never been to a comic book convention, one of the coolest hobbies you can pick up while attending them is getting yourself a sketchbook, bringing it around to a multitude of artists and having them draw their takes on some hero, character or theme. During my time at Wizard, I had a chance to ogle some of the coolest sketchbooks one could ever hope to view. Dave Paggi’s Lockjaw and Calvin and Hobbes sketchbooks were the collections of con doodles that first made me drool enviously and laugh hysterically. Matt Powell’s Saturday Morning’s Awesome sketchbook and Sean Collins’ “I wish I’d had a chance to see it in person” David Bowie sketchbook helped convince me that I had to get one of my own going.
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