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18.Dec.2009 For the love of Conan!

Over at Boing Boing, Cory Doctorow has a glowing review of Dark Horse’s current Conan series. Yes, the entire series!


01.May.2009 “Few Line Reviews” Part Deux!

This is probably the rest of everything I am going to get through this week, so here are the reactions.

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30.Apr.2009 Quicker Hits, aka “Few Line Reviews”

For whatever reason, my super short and super sweet comic book reviews went a little longer this week. So, instead of “two line reviews,” they are now “few line reviews!” See how fun rhyming is?! Here’s round one for this week’s books (“this week” being in reference to books that dropped on April 29, 2009), […]

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25.Apr.2009 More of the quickest hits!

I finished most all I’m going to read for this week, so here are my last reaction reviews on this week’s books… Amazing Spider-Man I can’t really gripe about anything here, nor can I say anything in this ish really excited me. I’ve been a big supporter on all ASM stuff since Brand New Day […]

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24.Apr.2009 The quickest hits, aka “Two Line Comic Book Reviews!”

Working at Wizard gives me access to way more comics than I should be reading each week. Though I guess it is my job, so I really should be reading tons of comics, shouldn’t I?! Either way, I cannot really say no to a huge stack of books each week—especially the kind you can read […]


11.Aug.2008 Catching up on comics: late July’s best of the bunch!

Hey Folks! I’ve been absent from the blogosphere for a week’s vacation (Hey, it’s summer! I gotta get some fun in the sun in some time!), which led to much relaxing and quite a bit of catching up on comics. I managed to pound through all the books from the last two weeks of July […]

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29.Feb.2008 The Best of the Bunch: Week of 2/27/2008

What’s a comic book blog with some weekly book reviews?! Well, when you’re readin’ the Monkey you’ll get The Best of the Bunch! If you grabbed books this week, you don’t need me to tell you that good reads were in abundance. Between perennial crowd-pleasers like Geoff John’s Action Comics and Justice Society of America, […]

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