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19.Aug.2009 What’s a book without an intro? Or, why I love supplementary text in my graphic novels.

Over the past year as a comic reader, I’ve come to a unexpected realization: I love graphic novel introductions and written supplements. Be it the enthralling backup in the first Starman Omnibus where James Robinson explains how his unique series came to be, Brian K. Vaughan apologizing for his early work in DC’s False Faces […]


27.May.2009 Highest Recommendations: ‘De:Tales—Stories from Urban Brazil’

Presently, Fábio Moon and Gabriel Bá are well known in the world of comics with especial thanks to Dark Horse Comics’ popular Umbrella Academy. Later this year, the Brazilian twin brothers join the ranks of artists who have helped make B.P.R.D an institution since it spun out of Hellboy. Me? I first came across Bá […]

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22.Apr.2009 Enemy of peanuts; lover of beer.

“Good people drink good beer.”—Hunter S. Thompson The above is a quote that adorns the packaging of the brew from the Flying Dog Brewery—one of my favorites in the States—and a statement I hope is true in my case. Like many people who value their own opinions enough to plaster them all over the internet, […]


20.Apr.2008 Hey, I met Jason Aaron!

So, if you’ve been reading the blog, you’ve probably noticed that I’m a big fan of many of the Kansas City-based creators in the comics world. The ranks of KC talent who’s books I’m madly in love with include Jason Aaron, B. Clay Moore, Tony Moore and Matt Fraction as well as the up-and-coming Seth […]

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