Bale-entine’s Day Rises!

When Gotham’s heart is aflutter, you have my permission to swoon…

That’s right, Bale-entine’s Day is back, you lovebirds! It’s the holiday regularly known as Valentine’s Day, but with more pictures of Christian Bale and more Batman movie quotes!
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Bale-entine’s Day: The proud tradition returns!

Not all of you may be aware of this, but today is a hilarious holiday. Sure, it’s the mostly unfunny Valentine’s Day, but don’t forget, it’s also the chuckle-worthy Bale-entine’s Day, as well!

“What’s Bale-entine’s Day?” you ask. Well, simply put, it’s a day where a bunch of nerds pair dreamy pictures of Christian Bale with Batman quotes and send them to each other in the hopes of eliciting a lot of schoolgirl-esque giggling. (Or, at least that’s what today is all about for me and a few of my friends—the inventors of Bale-entine’s Day.)
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Don’t forget Bale-entine’s Day!

A few years back, Bale-entine’s Day was created. Here’s the basic formula: Batman Quotes + Dreamy Bale = Funny Bale-entine. And, here’s a bit more information on this grand holiday’s origins—check out the originals. Continue Reading “Don’t forget Bale-entine’s Day!”


Happy Bale-entine’s Day!

After “The Dark Knight” came out, many among the crew at Wizard HQ back in 2008 were constantly quoting some of the more hilarious lines from “Batman Begins” and “TDK.” While both those movies are extremely enjoyable, Christian Bale’s gruff Batman growl is just too funny not to endlessly mimic. Frequently, during meetings or random conversations, people would growl “Where is she?!” or “Swear to me!” instead of using normal human dialogue.

Safe to say, this made for a pretty fun time around the office.
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