Mid-Year Movember Update: Global Collaboration

Wow. Long time, no blog…

I just got back from Comic-Con and will bring the ol’ EoP up to speed with photos and happenings from that massive event, but first, as Movember approaches, Movember HQ has sent out a great video that explains what some of the funds we raised are going towards.

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Movember: The Basics

The fine folks at the Movember Foundation were kind enough to send me some informative documents about the charitable event. As I’m still searching for teammates and looking for donations, I thought I’d post one of them here. This one-sheet breaks out all basic information about Movember. Please, take a look and think about participating this year!
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Movember 2010: It’s almost here!

Last year, I had the pleasure—and honor—of utilizing my luxuriant upper lip to help combat men’s cancer by raising funds and raising awareness about men’s health as a participant in Movember—the month formerly known as November during which men grow moustaches as a visual aid to help with the aforementioned fund raising for men’s cancer research. I helped to raise, alongside my compatriot Matthew Lubicky, over $1,100 for the cause! It was a good effort and the testicles and prostates of the world are a little bit safer for it.
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Whatever happened to those wacky moustaches?

For an entire month, this blog was committed to little more than posting pictures of moustaches in order to help raise funds that would go on to aid the fight against cancer. Matthew Lubicky and I, under the auspicious name of “The Venerable Gentlemen…FROM SPACE!,” raised a grand total of $1,127.92 to help benefit men’s cancer research and raise awareness about men’s health.
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Movember Moustache Movie Marathon

If you’ve been frequenting this blog, you know that come November I’ll be growing a moustache for a charity called the Movember Campaign. The funds of the Movember Campaign go towards helping raise awareness of men’s health, specifically prostate and testicular cancer—a great cause. If that’s all you need to hear to donate, please head here and do so—it’s very much appreciated! If you’d like a bit more info typed up in lovely Jim Gibbons prose, head here and here. However, I’d remiss if I didn’t take advantage of the hard work put into the Movember Campaign by their PR and Marketing teams, and so, I’m posting a bunch of videos I’ve been sent by the good folks at Movember in hopes you’ll enjoy them and decide to donate a little cash to the cause.
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I’m Movember official! And YOU can donate now!

Hey folks! After two posts contemplating and then deciding that I’d be participating in Movember this year, I have officially registered. That’s right, I’m now prepping my upper lip for a month-long moustache growth marathon and awaiting your donations—which will be inspired by my ‘stache but will benefit the Prostate Cancer Foundation and Lance Armstrong Foundation.
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This Movember, my moustache is GO!

Recently, I posted an article asking people if I should grow a moustache this Movember to benefit men’s health awareness. In a few short days, the support and encouragement on this blog, my Facebook and Twitter accounts was so positive that I have decided to definitely participate in Movember this year.
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Should I ‘stache it up this Movember?

It’s no secret that I grow some mean facial hair. But what you may be less aware of, dear readers, is the yearly custom of growing a moustache to promote men’s health awareness that rolls around each November. Entitled Movember, this month-long growing of upper lip hair is a full-fledged and actual event that you can learn more about by visiting the Movember Foundation’s Web site. This year, I’m thinking about participating.

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