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20.Feb.2011 Kochalka!

I have an affinity for cartoonists who draw in a style so simplistic it, at first, appears you could draw equally well if you just put a smidgen of effort into it. Of course, when you actually put pen to paper, you begin to realize that drawing really “basic” cartoons is just as hard or […]

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23.Feb.2010 Blammo!

Cartoonist Noah Van Sciver (who you may know from here, here, here, here or here) was kind enough to send me a copy of his comic “Blammo.” Along with the fifth issue, Noah also sent me a promotional sticker. The word “rad” comes to mind.


22.Feb.2010 The Greatness of Grickle

I’ve learned that one of the nicest parts of my job is that I am frequently exposed to books that I might not have encountered were I not attempting to get them publicity. One of these recent surprises—I’m ashamed to say “recent,” as his work is really tremendous—was the cartooning of Graham Annable.


21.Aug.2009 All Day Pizza Buffet: Train Ride

When you ride the train into the city every morning, you start to wonder about all the other people sitting alongside you.


19.Aug.2009 All Day Pizza Buffet: Hip-Hop Show

An autobiographical edition…


24.Jun.2009 Doctor…uh…who?

I drew this cartoon while watching “Doctor Who’s” season four finale.


27.Apr.2009 ‘Watchmen’ Funnies

When I drew these two comic strips poking fun at the “Watchmen” movie they would have been extremely timely. They aren’t anymore, but as tomorrow I’ll be posting the first installment of Enemy Of Peanuts: The Webcomic, I thought I’d post these as a bit of a starter—or a comicky hors d’oeuvre, if you will.

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