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10.Mar.2014 Easter Eggs That Only I Care About

I’m lucky enough to have been drawn into/referenced in a few comic books. You can read about them here, here, here, and here. These are Easter Eggs, if they’re even special enough to be called that, which I’m sure most people don’t notice. But—naturally—to me, they’re awesome! Here’s a bunch more from last year that […]

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09.Aug.2013 Way Too Busy

Remember when I used to blog? Me neither. In an attempt to update this webspace with something, here’s a list of what’s taking up my time right now… Comic Books and Graphic Novels I’m currently editing… –Captain Midnight –Brain Boy –The Black Beetle: Necrologue –Polar: Came from the Cold HC –Blood Brothers –Emily and The […]

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02.Jan.2013 Another Jim Gibbons comic book appearance

Remember, back in September, when I relayed a story about how artist Evan Shaner had added a Jim Gibbons-related Easter egg to Buddy Cops, a story appearing in Dark Horse Presents? Well, that ain’t the only Jim Gibbons comic reference anymore!

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