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04.May.2010 A hell of a bear!

Illustrator and graphic designer Julius Santiago has a project called “365 Bears” that’s well worth checking out. For a whole year, Mr. Santiago is taking his relatively simple bear design and dressing it up in all sorts of outfits and costumes to compile 365 unique bears. There’s a new bear each day and you can […]


08.Mar.2010 Reading is fun!

Sometimes you just have to animate a gif, if only to remind yourself it can be done.


15.May.2009 Reaction-length comic book reviews!

Last week’s “Few Line Reviews” didn’t quite make three pages but I have a butt-ton of new reviews to this week’s (5/13/2009) comics right here. There’s a few more books I intend to read this week, but I likely won’t have tome for quick hit reviews like this, so please enjoy these and keep checking […]


12.Dec.2008 One helluva Hellboy image!

Easily the single most stunning panel I’ve seen in any comic this week, John Severin delivers an amazingly awesome shot of Hellboy in B.P.R.D.: War On Frogs #2 written by John Arcudi. Try and tell me that isn’t breathtaking! Just try!

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