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11.Jan.2014 My Year in Books: 2013

Because I’m so busy making books that I end up reading the best books of any given year after they’ve become the best books of last year, I’ve never been able to make a very good “Best Books of [Insert Year here]” list. So, instead, I offer you (as I have in 2010, 2011, and […]


22.Jan.2013 My Year in Books: 2012

Because I’m too much of a punk to compile a “Best of” list—and never feel I’ve read enough of the year’s top contenders to make a decent one—I’m continuing what’s become a bit of an annual tradition… I’ve compiled… …A LIST OF THINGS THAT I READ IN 2012! Get excited!


24.Jul.2009 For your perusal:

If you haven’t paid much attention to my “Interweb Compatriots” section in the right sidebar of, I suggest you read this post and then immediately click Drunken Book Club to head over to another one of my blogs:!