Sam Rockwell should play Hank Pym!

If you’ve heard the rumors about “Iron Man 2,” then I’m sure you’re coming up with theories or rants depending on how you feel about Mickey Rourke and Sam Rockwell being brought onto the movie.

Personally, I think going with another armor-clad villain in the second flick—it’s speculated Rourke will be Crimson Dynamo—is a mistake and I’d much rather see the Mandarin or Fin Fang Foom—or some other crazy, non-technology based villain—face off against ol’ Shellhead. Either way, Sam Rockwell’s role is supposedly that of rival industrialist Justin Hammer, which I hope is a front for a much cooler role. “What role?” you ask. Well, I’ll tell you!

I think Sam Rockwell is perfect for the role of Hank Pym. Just look at him!

He’s a legit leading man with the charisma and look to pull off one of Marvel’s oldest heroes, plus he’s got the chops to make Pym into a pretty dynamic character by capturing his heroism and charm alongside his faults: the jealously at being the world’s third smartest hero (behind Reed Richards and Tony Stark), the arrogance of a young inventor who dared to create a being like Ultron and the checkered past of an abusive husband.

Seventies Pym with his first version of Ultron?! Possibly!

Plus, if an Ant Man solo flick is in the works, you need a big name to put on that. Sam Rockwell is a little too big for a bit part in “Iron Man 2,” but if it’s a setup role for a solo flick that introduces people to the character before he spins off, well that’d be great! And I mean, who else are you really going to cast as Ant Man? He’s a little too goofy to do a film about him without a heaping helping of humor and putting some beefcake in the role is just not going to fly.

Rockwell in “Hitchhiker’s Guide to The Galaxy” and the helmeted Ant Man…pretty much the same thing!

Couldn’t you see Rockwell easily pulling off these two polarizing moments from the founding Avenger’s past?

I’m not really sure what Marvel would want in an Ant Man film, but I think casting an actor who can bring real humor and real depth to the role of Hank Pym—like Rockwell could—would allow them to present Pym as a fun-loving and suave character or, if they were looking fro another route from his comics history, they could play him as a dark and troubled hero. With Rockwell they really could do either. It’s win-win!

So, you heard it here first: Sam Rockwell is going to be Hank Pym (or at least he should be!).