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16.Nov.2010 Domo Doodles

This is Domo…

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05.May.2010 “Lost” Comics!

Much as I enjoy speculating about the numerous mysteries of “Lost,” I haven’t blogged much about the show’s actual episodes since they talked about Ewoks last season. I’ll leave the heavy “Lost” commentary to people getting paid to write it, but that won’t keep me from highlighting my favorite thing the final season has led […]

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28.Apr.2010 All Day Pizza Buffet: “Bub, I’m the luckiest guy alive.”

No new “Lost” last night. But hey, here’s this!

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20.Apr.2010 All Day Pizza Buffet: A Post-It for Dirk

After blogging yesterday’s Post-It doodles, I received a friendly prompt from Dark Horse super fan and knowledgeable comics aficionado Dirk Bauman reminding me that I owe him a doodle. I set blue Uniball pen to flimsy yellow paper and here’s what I came up with. It’s heavily inspired by this blog post from Dirk’s Comic […]


19.Apr.2010 All Day Pizza Buffet: Post-Its

I often find that reading about comics and looking at comic art all day is a lot like watching the Food Network. Much like seeing Emeril whip up some garlic mashed potatoes can send me into the kitchen to try and concoct something delicious, viewing gorgeous graphic art all day is hard without taking a […]


06.Apr.2010 All Day Pizza Buffet: Abe Grimes [Legal Pad Edition!]

Earlier today, I saw the news that Rick Grimes had been cast in the new “Walking Dead” series—”Andrew Lincoln Is Rick Grimes In ‘The Walking Dead’.” With that headline in mind, my brain started churning, got way ahead of itself and then commanded that I doodle.

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05.Apr.2010 All Day Pizza Buffet: David Burn

Weird ideas come to me frequently while driving and listening to music. Here’s one of them. Explanation after this short comic strip.

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23.Feb.2010 All Day Pizza Buffet: Shrimp Cocktail

You are what you eat…


12.Feb.2010 All Day Pizza Buffet: Conflicts

I futzed around with a few quick doodles on Photoshop and these are the kooky and amateurish results.


21.Jan.2010 The Irregular Doodler: A possible return for All Day Pizza Buffet

While talking today with my associate and friend Caleb Goellner, it dawned on me that just thinking about drawing was in no way going to improve my meager doodling skills. It also occurred to me that continually fiddling around with a doodle pad but never planning my scribbling adventures out beforehand is not really stretching […]