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01.Aug.2011 San Diego Comic-Con 2011: The Photos

At Comic-Con last year, I lamented the fact that I didn’t have a smartphone with a decent camera—I saw so much but couldn’t record ay of it. This year, I aimed to take a ton of photos with my still pretty new iPhone. Of course, I got caught up in Comic-Con and didn’t take nearly […]

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28.Jul.2011 San Diego Comic-Con 2011: The Booty

I didn’t spend much money, but here’s my haul from this year’s Comic-Con International…

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21.Jun.2011 Another undisputed classic: “Bravest Warriors”

Years ago, I posted the original Adventure Time short (Before it, you know, got huge.) and was informed by mi amigo Kiel Phegley that AT creator Pen Ward had another intensely awesome short out there: Bravest Warriors.

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02.Sep.2010 The Many Faces of Finn gets its own fan art!

Remember, like a million years ago, when I slapped together a bunch of Adventure Time art into a wallpaper I called “The Many Faces of Finn?” To date, that post has scored my blog more hits than any other blog entry I’ve done here at Enemy of Peanuts. In short, that little wallpaper I whipped […]


22.Oct.2009 My fan art gets a little love

Well how about that! Though I sent it over to them months ago, the tumbleblog for the upcoming Cartoon Network show “Adventure Time” has just started posting fan art left and right and finally got around to posting mine!


13.Oct.2009 Why I love the “Adventure Time Art” Tumbleblog

It’s well documented that I’m a pretty big fan of “Adventure Time.” That fanship led me to subscribe to the tumbleblog (or tumblr) where the folks from Frederator Studios working on the upcoming “Adventure Time” cartoon post all the art that will eventually appear on the show. Here are two great examples of (A) how […]


01.Sep.2009 My ‘Adventure Time’ fan art comic strip

Ever since I saw the “Share Your Fan Art” button in the margin of the “Adventure Time” tumbleblog, I began plotting a super short comic strip to submit. I opted for a slightly crazed, Hulkin’ out Finn… and here it is!


26.Aug.2009 The Many Faces of Finn

As I’ve blogged before, I’m a massive fan of Pendleton Ward’s “Adventure Time,” and with the show finally getting ready to go on air, I’m pretty darn excited. So excited, in fact, that when I saw a series of Finn (the radtacular main character) headshots from the Cartoon Network senior staff presentation on the Adventure […]


04.Jun.2009 These dormrats are awesome!

As I’ve blogged before, I am a massive fan of “Adventure Time.” And, I am awesome. So by super technical science, these kids who painted an “Adventure Time” mural in their dorm are extremely awesome!


02.May.2009 An undisputed classic: ‘Adventure Time’

Once a cartoon show pitched to Nickelodeon, “Adventure Time” is one of my all-time favorite internet videos. Running only seven and a half minutes, it’s fun and hilarious. If you don’t like this, you may actually be soulless.