The fourth estate, on occasion, is kind enough to talk to me about my job and/or mustaches.

— July 12, 2013
Writer Joshua Williamson and editor Jim Gibbons talk about revamping the golden age hero Skyman for Captain Midnight #4.

Forget Valentine’s Day: Batman Wants You To Celebrate Bale-entine’s Day! [MTV Splash Page] — February 14, 2013
Bale-entine’s Day gets some much deserved recognition.

Dark Horse Promotes Jim Gibbons To Associate Editor [] — February 8, 2013
Dark Horse is pleased to announce the promotion of Jim Gibbons to associate editor! Gibbons, perhaps the “comics industry’s youngest veteran,” came to the Dark Horse PR department in 2009…

Looking Forward, Looking Back | Creators weigh in on 2012 and 2013 (Part 2) [Robot 6] — January 1, 2013
It’s become an annual tradition during our birthday bash: No matter how much stuff we line up, people we interview, etc., there are still tons of people we like to hear from and include in our giant New Year’s/anniversary/birthday activities…

What are you excited about for 2012? [Robot 6] — January 2, 2012
We have asked various comics folks what they are excited about for 2012 in comics–something they aren’t working on and something they are…

Talking Comics with Tim | Jim Gibbons on Brain Boy [Robot 6] — November 14, 2011
On general principle, I love any project with an alliterative name like Brain Boy…

What Are You Reading? with Jim Gibbons [Robot 6] — October 9, 2011
Hello and welcome to What Are You Reading? This week our special guest is Dark Horse assistant editor Jim Gibbons, who I spoke to about his new job on Friday.

Robot 6 Q&A | Dark Horse’s Jim Gibbons on moving from marketing to making comics [Robot 6] — October 7, 2011
Earlier this year Jim Gibbons, publicity coordinator for Dark Horse Comics, made the jump from the publicity side of the business to the creative, as he became an assistant editor for the publisher…

Q&A with Jim Gibbons of Dark Horse Comics [Science Fiction & Fantasy Stack Exchange] — October 7, 2011
Jim tells us a what it takes to make comics a reality and also gives us a glimpse into the projects he’s working on…

Behind the Scenes: Jim Gibbons [Graphic Novel Reporter]
Jim Gibbons spent two years working for Wizard before joining Dark Horse as their newest publicity coordinator. But what’s his history in comics really like? We found out.

A quick chat with Dark Horse’s Jim Gibbons [Robot 6] — December 3, 2009
Meet the latest addition to Dark Horse’s stable: Publicity Coordinator Jim Gibbons…

Libertyville Men Grow Mustaches to Raise Funds for Men’s Health [] — November 23, 2011
The Gibbons men, father Dave and his sons Jim and Dan are joining Movember, a worldwide effort where men grow mustaches in November to raise awareness and money for prostate and testicular cancer organizations.

Movember Special: Most Ridiculous Mustaches in Comics [Multiversity Comics] — November 22, 2011
This week we talk with our friends at The Ministry of Mustache Growth and Management (don’t forget to donate!), a bevy of comic folk, about what their picks would be for the most ridiculous mustaches in comics history would be.

Movember Special: Best ‘Staches in Comics [Multiversity Comics] — November 14, 2011
Today, we have a few folks who work in the comic book industry – who also happen to be Movember participants…

Duo grows mustaches for cancer awareness [Libertyville Review] — November 14, 2011
Dave Gibbons of Libertyville hasn’t sported a mustache in 30 years…

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