13.May.2014 #BATFLECK

Not sure why this thing I made back in August isn’t the most popular thing on the internet yet…
#BATFLECK: The (Bat)Man Without Fear!

10.Mar.2014 Easter Eggs That Only I Care About

I’m lucky enough to have been drawn into/referenced in a few comic books. You can read about them here, here, here, and here. These are Easter Eggs, if they’re even special enough to be called that, which I’m sure most people don’t notice. But—naturally—to me, they’re awesome!

Here’s a bunch more from last year that I’m eternally grateful for, but I haven’t had a chance to blog until now. Read more ›

14.Feb.2014 Bale-entine’s Day 2014: Man of Bale

The time-honored tradition continues! Happy Bale-entine’s Day! Read more ›

11.Jan.2014 My Year in Books: 2013

Because I’m so busy making books that I end up reading the best books of any given year after they’ve become the best books of last year, I’ve never been able to make a very good “Best Books of [Insert Year here]” list.

Observing a book I midwifed into reality this year.

Observing a book I midwifed into reality this year.

So, instead, I offer you (as I have in 2010, 2011, and 2012) a list of the books that I’ve read this year! Featuring both graphic novels and prose publications, this year—due to my move to digital comics—I added single issues that would eventually be collected to the list once I reached the end of a story arc. Read more ›

06.Jan.2014 My 2013

This year, I…

-Got engaged to an amazing woman.

-Wrote my first comic.

-Received my first editor credit in comics.

-Got promoted to associate editor.

-Traveled to…

    Seattle, WA
    Lexington, KY
    San Diego, CA
    Bend, OR
    Chicago, IL
    Newport, OR
    Toronto, Ontario
    Boston, MA

-Ran over 100 miles.

-Read over 70 books and graphic novels.

-Gave the acceptance speech at the Eisner Awards when Dark Horse Presents, on which I work, won its second Best Anthology award. It also won it’s second Harvey Award in the same category this year.

-Attended my third consecutive Lollapalooza.

-Participated in my fifth consecutive Movember fundraiser as part of a network that raised nearly $30,000.

-Drank Bourbon on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail.

-Saw my sister graduate from college.

-Moved in with my best friend.

-Edited my first book (The Black Beetle Vol. 1: No Way Out) that ended up on a ton of year end “Best of” lists.

-Worked on 69 different comics and books published/released in 2013.

-Lived with a cat for the first time.

16.Dec.2013 Movember 2013: Our best year yet!

Each and every year, the men and women of the Movember mustache-growing conglomerate network, The Ministry of Mustache Growth & Management, have improved our effort, increasing the amount of money raised to help raise awareness about men’s health and to combat men’s cancer. This year, even though the total size of our network was smaller (67 members instead of last year’s 80), our three teams—the Northwest, Midwest, and Far East chapters—poured in an insane effort and raised…

…wait for it… Read more ›

15.Nov.2013 Go read my comic!

Remember that post about how I planned to learn more about the comic medium by making comics? Well, I did that! Read more ›

29.Aug.2013 I feel like a kid again!

I’ve been referenced or drawn in to a few comics since I began working as an editor. It’s an honor and an extremely fun perk of the job. Recently, I was added to a comic in a new cool way… I was converted into a kid! Read more ›

10.Aug.2013 Lollapalooza 2013

Continuing what is now a three-year tradition with my brother Dan, I attended Lollapalooza in Chicago again this year. This year our sister Lexie and my lovely girlfriend Katie came along to partake in three days of music, smuggled rum, Roman Cokes, sunshine, dancing, aching legs, and too many slices of Chicago-style deep dish.

The whole crew.

The whole crew.

Koozie users.

Koozie users.

Here’s a list of the bands that, in some capacity, we saw so that you can judge how cool I am (I think I might be kinda cool.) and how good my taste in music is. (At least I think it’s pretty good.)

-Robert DeLong
-San Cisco
-Icona Pop
-Smith Westerns
-Father John Misty*
-Band of Horses*
-Theophilus London
-Hey Marseilles
-New Order
-Hot Chip*
-Lana Del Rey (Kinda. Stage’s sounds was bogus.)
-Nine Inch Nails (Kinda. We watched for like 20 minutes and very little occurred.)

Katie & Lexie awaiting Matt & Kim.

Katie and Lexie awaiting Matt & Kim.

-Shovels & Rope*
-Family of the Year
-Charles Bradley (From a distance)
-Matt & Kim*
-Eric Church
-The National*
-HAIM (though an insanely long bathroom line prevented us from seeing much of this)
-Mumford & Sons (which was pretty tame, so we went to…)
-Steve Angello (where Dan and I had to carry an uber drunk kid to the EMT)

Katie and me at The National.

Katie and me at The National.

-Wild Belle
-Wild Nothing (From a distance)
-Tegan and Sara*
-Alt-J (which was kinda dull, so we moved on to…)
-The Vaccines
-Vampire Weekend*
-Major Lazer (which turned out to be a bad reason to leave Vampire Weekend)
-The Cure

* = exceptionally good sets/enjoyable shows

Best people to go to a festival with: confirmed!

Best people to go to a festival with: confirmed!


Making friends: This fella from Dublin by way of Toronto become our concert buddy at Vampire Weekend... and he loaned me his sweet shades!

Making friends: This fella from Dublin, by way of Toronto, became our concert buddy at Vampire Weekend… and he loaned me his sweet shades!

Going to this festival every year, hearing music from bands I know and bands I’ve just been made aware of… Well, it’s tiring as hell, but it’s also a blast! It makes me feel extremely old, yet makes me feel young again at the same time. It’s exhausting and exhilarating. It’s fun and it’s frantic.

Fingers crossed the tradition continues next year!

Katie and I closing out the festival in front of the glowing Buckingham Fountain smack dab in the middle of Chicago's Grant Park, the home of Lollapalooza.

Katie and I closing out the festival in front of the glowing Buckingham Fountain smack dab in the middle of Chicago’s Grant Park, the home of Lollapalooza.

09.Aug.2013 Way Too Busy

Remember when I used to blog? Me neither.

In an attempt to update this webspace with something, here’s a list of what’s taking up my time right now…

Comic Books and Graphic Novels I’m currently editing…

Captain Midnight

Cover to Captain Midnight #1 by Felipe Massafera.

-Captain Midnight
-Brain Boy
-The Black Beetle: Necrologue
-Polar: Came from the Cold HC
-Blood Brothers
-Emily and The Strangers
-Trekker: The Train to Avalon Bay (in Dark Horse Presents)
-Juice Squeezers (in Dark Horse Presents)
-Secret Company-Owned Superhero Project
-Secret Creator-Owned Superhero Project
-Secret Digital Comic Collection
-Secret Creator-Owned sci-fi/monster/young adult Project
-Six other Secret DHP projects

Comics I’m assisting on as an associate editor or co-editing…

Cover to Two Past Midnight #2

Cover to Two Past Midnight #2 by Paolo Rivera.

-Two Past Midnight
-Dark Horse Presents
-The Massive
-The Strain: The Fall
-Top Secret Young Adult Original Graphic Novel

Recently completed projects…

Full wraparound cover and design for The Black Beetle Vol. 1: No Way Out by Francesco Francavilla.

Full wraparound cover and design for The Black Beetle Vol. 1: No Way Out by Francesco Francavilla.

-The Black Beetle Vol. 1: No Way Out HC
-Trekker Omnibus
-Orchid Vol. 3
-The Dark Horse Conventions Super Sampler
-GAMMA one-shot (assisted on this one)

Currently gestating…
-Two top secret ongoing comic series
-Top secret original graphic novel pitch
-Top secret thing I’m writing, not editing

I’l probably get back to using this blog for jotting down stories I want to remember, comics process stuff, mustache-related writings, and other exciting life stuff one day, but for the foreseeable future, it’ll be shorter posts like this for the sake of updating this page with… something!