22.Apr.2013 Learning my medium by doing

I’m not a writer.

I can write. I’ve been paid to write. But I know writers. Real writers. Sit down and type for hours because they have to writers, agonizing over every word writers, write or go crazy writers… And I’m not one of them.

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17.Apr.2013 A thought on hate

I don’t normally blog about social issues, but I posted this on my tumblr yesterday and, as the last graf suggests, spreading love around is a thing worth doing.

Regardless of who is responsible for the tragedy in Boston, which is an inarguably horrible event, I’ve seen an upsetting amount of anti-Muslim sentiment online in its wake. It’s unacceptable. We need to be better than that.

I’m your average white American male and I can’t begin to imagine what many Muslims and Muslim Americans are going through right now, but seeing how much misdirected hate is focused on them post-Boston is staggering.

One of my best friends in the whole world, one of the best people I’ve ever known, is Muslim American. I can’t comprehend what life is like for him today and I can’t stop hateful dummies from being awful, but I can let him know that he is loved and that he is an amazing person and that he has people to turn to for strength if he needs us. So I did. I sent a text and an email and told him exactly that.

I’m not trying to preach, and I don’t have any big answers. I probably don’t even understand issues of racial and religious bigotry as well as I should. But, I know a supportive and kind word from a friend can go a long way. One little thing probably can’t change the world, but it can make someone’s day a little better. That’s how I knew I could help my friend. I hope others are finding ways to help theirs. Spread that love, people! The world can always use more love.

This is no great piece of writing. It’s no powerful or eloquent message that should enlighten. This is just a simple idea that I needed to put into words, however clumsy, to remind myself that you’ve gotta focus on the good—in the world and that you can bring to it—especially when the world reminds you it can be a very scary place.

09.Mar.2013 The short story behind Tremors comics

Been meaning to write this blog post for about a year now, so some of the details might not be exactly right, but here’s the story…

I’m a huge fan of the Tremors movies. If you’ve known me for a while, odds are it’s come up at some point because I’m always happy to talk about those films! An awesome and campy quadrilogy of monster-filled westerns where you’ve got Kevin Bacon, Fred Ward, and Michael Gross, as well as Reba McEntire, not to mention a bunch of big fucking worm monsters! It’s survival horror at it’s weirdest and I love it! Read more ›

12.Feb.2013 Bale-entine’s Day Rises!

When Gotham’s heart is aflutter, you have my permission to swoon…

That’s right, Bale-entine’s Day is back, you lovebirds! It’s the holiday regularly known as Valentine’s Day, but with more pictures of Christian Bale and more Batman movie quotes!
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08.Feb.2013 Gamma-infused Pizza Party

If you picked up the truly excellent Dark Horse Presents #20 last month, you had the distinct pleasure of reading a radical little story by Ulises Farinas and Erick Freitas. Comics Alliance wrote a great piece about the nostalgia-fueled pop culture-laced fun bomb of a comic that is Gamma, so I suggest you read what they said and then track down the three appearances of Dusty Keztchemal, monster trainer and coward.
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07.Feb.2013 Black Beetle’s wild ride

If you’ve been following me on twitter or tumblr recently, you’ve probably seen a few posts about Francesco Francavilla’s noir superhero masterpiece The Black Beetle. BB‘s the first comic that I’ve edited solo from the get go and it’s been a distinct pleasure working with someone as passionate and enthusiastic as Francesco. Dude’s pretty damn talented too. Pretty crazy to think that I own one of the lucky sets of eyeballs that gets to see his best work to date on a regular basis.

Francesco and I, as well as Dark Horse Publisher Mike Richardson, had high hopes for what originally felt like a niche comic. BB had oodles of potential, but truly great books get canceled all the time, so you never know. Thankfully, all the hard work FF poured into this baby paid off. It’s been extremely gratifying to see this little book live up to its greatest potential. And it’s still going!

So, for the sake of enjoying the moment and remembering this when I get old and gray, here’s some of the link journey that led us to this week, when we announced the sell out of issue #1.
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22.Jan.2013 My Year in Books: 2012

Because I’m too much of a punk to compile a “Best of” list—and never feel I’ve read enough of the year’s top contenders to make a decent one—I’m continuing what’s become a bit of an annual tradition… I’ve compiled…


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02.Jan.2013 Another Jim Gibbons comic book appearance

Remember, back in September, when I relayed a story about how artist Evan Shaner had added a Jim Gibbons-related Easter egg to Buddy Cops, a story appearing in Dark Horse Presents? Well, that ain’t the only Jim Gibbons comic reference anymore! Read more ›

Movember Moustache Photo Diary 2012: Days 28, 29, 30, and the end of the month Mo recap and wrap up

In 2011, the Ministry of Mustache Growth & Management raised an astounding $20,700. I hoped we could rise as high in the fundraising this year, but was very skeptical. I mean, last year, we aimed for $10K and somehow made it to $20K. I didn’t think we could be that lucky two years in a row.

Of course, luck had nothing to do with it. Between our 80 members and all of ours/their generous and supportive friends and family, we raised a grand total of $24,434! Incredible. Read more ›

27.Nov.2012 Movember Moustache Photo Diary 2012: Days 13 through 27 roundup

I went to Japan. I came back. While I was gone, we raised a lot of money! The Ministry hit the $15K mark! The Midwest is rockin’ in at $9,508 and the Northwest is solidly supporting with $5,478! Pretty damn good… and we’ve even got a few days left! Read more ›