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28.Jan.2011 This is it: A “Wizard” Remembrance/Reaction

This week, news that both Wizard and ToyFare magazine were being canceled hit the interwebs. I did my big college internship at Wizard and then scored a job there a few months later when I graduated from college. It was my first career-type job and it led to a ton of great friendships and terrific […]


14.Sep.2009 All Day Pizza Buffet: Slugs and Snails

This is an update of a series of doodles I did years ago (Elementary or Middle School) that I always pictured as a Saturday Morning Cartoon show. Admittedly a bit of a “Dino Riders” rip off (or homage, if you will), it seemed like an awesome concept as a kid and two weeks ago it […]


24.Jul.2009 For your perusal:

If you haven’t paid much attention to my “Interweb Compatriots” section in the right sidebar of, I suggest you read this post and then immediately click Drunken Book Club to head over to another one of my blogs:!

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21.May.2009 Infamous Past Jim Gibbons Decisions: Hulk Hogan haircut

Back in 2004 I decided to bleach my hair blonde, sport a fu manchu and shave some male pattern baldness into my head. At the time, this seemed like a pretty hilarious idea, and whether it was or not, here’s how it all went down…


03.May.2009 Another undisputed classic: ‘George Washington.’ And, a story from times past!

Today’s blog theme is apparently sharing my favorite YouTube videos with the masses, but what better way to recapture sitting around with some buddies on laptops drinking beers and perusing the interwebs?! By the way, if you haven’t ever partaken in a night of casual drunkenness and online laughter, you should! In fact, I have […]