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28.Jul.2009 5,000 pageviews! Huzzah!

It’s the blog’s first major milestone, so I thought I’d do a brief back-patting post and thank you all for your patronage of my site!


17.Jul.2009 Hodgepodge: A post of assorted random stuffs.

Hey there, folks! If you’re a regular ’round these parts, you’ll notice that this week has been particularly light on the blogging. Sorry about that. After last weekend’s crazy-busy vacation, this week has been chock-full of tons of work and other life stuff all piled on top of me seriously needing to catch up on […]


13.May.2009 24 hours off the internet?!

Yes, I left the interwebs behind for a full day and now I’m back.


10.May.2009 A camp-centric comic strip gets Nothing More American back on track

Hey folks! With things going so smoothly here on EoP, I had a chance today to get my summer camp memoir blog back on track. I won’t post notices here every time that happens, but my the new post over at Nothing More American— the first in a long time—features a comic strip I drew […]

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28.Apr.2009 Jump up, jump up and get down!

Hey folks! I’m going to start using jumps on my posts from here on out in hopes of a little more front page organization and a little less scrolling through some of my more massive posts when you really just want to get to the short one right after that. So, when you see the […]


25.Apr.2009 Silly Search Engine Terms Jamboree!

One of the greatest and most addicting things about working on the internet or running a blog is how immediately you can get tons of feedback. Programs like Google Analytics and WordPress Stats track all sorts of little things having to do with your site: From how many hits it’s getting and who’s linking your […]


14.Apr.2009 The Irony of Ads

Recently, I signed up for Google’s Adsense service and the results of what ads are popping up on my site have been as hilarious as I expected. You see, Adsense scopes out your site’s content and frequently used words to decide which ads to place (when I don’t mess with any of the settings). Now, […]


09.Apr.2009 I am the enemy of peanuts!

¡Hola internet dwellers! I’m Jim Gibbons and this is a ludicrous blog of mine. If you’re savvy to the interwebs, you may have seen my job blog over at The Loudest Monkey on, or if you’re of a nostalgic and outdoorsy disposition, you may have come across a labor of love called Nothing More […]

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