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24.Dec.2009 Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas and happy holidays, everyone! It’s been a real busy season due to the move to Portland and settling in here, so I didn’t really get you anything. However, let me spread the joy of the season by re-gifting you all with this review of “A Colbert Christmas” I wrote over a year ago.

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20.Sep.2009 Leftover Loudest Monkey

Back when I was blogging it up on The Loudest Monkey, I held a coloring contest for my blog’s logo. I printed a copy out and infused it with colored pencil action. I recently found it in a drawer, realized I’d never scanned it and figured I’d do so here. Enjoy!


19.Apr.2009 Adding a little Monkey Business to ‘Enemy Of Peanuts!’

In an effort for a little expansion of my voice across the interwebs, I’ve brought over some of my best posts from The Loudest Monkey. All the great marginalia, linkage and numerous reviews are still over there, so for the full, expansive and awe-inspiring blog experience of The Loudest Monkey head over to But […]

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06.Mar.2009 Check out ‘Killer of Demons!’

Hey folks, just dropping in to give a quick recommendation…you should all check out Killer of Demons from Image Comics! Written by Chris Yost with super-rad art by Scott Wegener, it’s kind of a combo of “Office Space” and “Buffy,” and it’s darn fun and totally awesome! It’s also a three issue miniseries, so you […]

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Truly, the end is nigh…

Now this is a portent of doom if I’ve ever seen one… A Marmaduke movie?!?! Good gravy! Back in my college days, we had a free newspaper readership program that allowed me to indulge in the finest in newspaper strips everyday (usually during a boring lecture). Each and every day, I read every strip in […]

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20.Feb.2009 An amalgamation of nerdy things I love!

Hey Folks! If you haven’t seen “Coraline” yet, go see it! It’s great! “But why is it so great?” you undoubtedly ask. Well, for many reasons, here’s “one”… The flick is a clay figure stop-motion, 3-D movie based on a novel by Neil Gaiman. It features some choice voice talent, as well! Among the vocal […]

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14.Jan.2009 Sam Rockwell should play Hank Pym!

If you’ve heard the rumors about “Iron Man 2,” then I’m sure you’re coming up with theories or rants depending on how you feel about Mickey Rourke and Sam Rockwell being brought onto the movie. Personally, I think going with another armor-clad villain in the second flick—it’s speculated Rourke will be Crimson Dynamo—is a mistake […]


12.Dec.2008 One helluva Hellboy image!

Easily the single most stunning panel I’ve seen in any comic this week, John Severin delivers an amazingly awesome shot of Hellboy in B.P.R.D.: War On Frogs #2 written by John Arcudi. Try and tell me that isn’t breathtaking! Just try!

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09.Dec.2008 She-Hulk: The Coolest Chick in Comics!

So, last week’s She-Hulk: Cosmic Collision by Peter David and Mahmud A. Asrar solidified the green goddess’s position as the Coolest Chick in Comics! First, Dan Slott’s semi-recent run with the heroine showed that She-Hulk could hold her own in the courtroom, in a brawl and in a quip-fest with villains and other heroes alike. […]


08.Dec.2008 When Han gets hungry on Hoth…

All I can remember about this concept is that the idea popped into my head during a content planning meeting and made me laugh—hard. Just picturing Han Solo licking his tauntaun here and there as he trudged through the snow (“Damn, this tastes so good…I can’t stop!”) or him defending his love of tauntaun taste […]

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