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06.Aug.2010 Happy Shark Week!

Guys, I love sharks. For reals.


28.Jul.2010 Continuing a Pre-San Diego tradition

Last year, I drew a cartoon for my buddy Josh Wigler as he worked vigorously to prepare for Comic-Con International in San Diego. Josh used that cartooned image of himself for his Twitter icon up until last week… when he asked me to doodle him up a new face to run alongside his tweets. Busy […]


14.Jun.2010 Pancakes: Now more colorful than ever before!

People who read the previous post about a truly excellent piece of artwork I commissioned will undoubtedly remember the man responsible for it, Mr. Dan Hipp. In the aforementioned post, I posited that the number of additional fun gags in the commission could only be due to Señor Hipp being “far more rad than I […]

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A Pancake Dinner with Hellboy

For those who’ve never been to a comic book convention, one of the coolest hobbies you can pick up while attending them is getting yourself a sketchbook, bringing it around to a multitude of artists and having them draw their takes on some hero, character or theme. During my time at Wizard, I had a […]

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28.Apr.2010 All Day Pizza Buffet: “Bub, I’m the luckiest guy alive.”

No new “Lost” last night. But hey, here’s this!

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20.Apr.2010 All Day Pizza Buffet: A Post-It for Dirk

After blogging yesterday’s Post-It doodles, I received a friendly prompt from Dark Horse super fan and knowledgeable comics aficionado Dirk Bauman reminding me that I owe him a doodle. I set blue Uniball pen to flimsy yellow paper and here’s what I came up with. It’s heavily inspired by this blog post from Dirk’s Comic […]


19.Apr.2010 All Day Pizza Buffet: Post-Its

I often find that reading about comics and looking at comic art all day is a lot like watching the Food Network. Much like seeing Emeril whip up some garlic mashed potatoes can send me into the kitchen to try and concoct something delicious, viewing gorgeous graphic art all day is hard without taking a […]


06.Apr.2010 Hodgepodgin’

This post is all about some odds and ends I’ve been meaning to blog. It starts off very Jim Gibbons-centric and moves on from there. As to these first links, let’s just say I’m keeping a record of online references to myself in order to one day show my grandkids how “cool” I was as […]


12.Feb.2010 All Day Pizza Buffet: Conflicts

I futzed around with a few quick doodles on Photoshop and these are the kooky and amateurish results.


03.Feb.2010 A not so nice place to visit

No one returns from a vacation in… MURDER TOWN!