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25.Apr.2016 Portland Pizza Week 2016

It was the sauciest of times, it was the cheesiest of times… The first ever Portland Pizza Week transpired this past week and it was delightful! Seemed like a cool thing to blog about after neglecting this space for far too long. Something to get me warmed up to the ol’ blogosphere again. It was […]

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21.Jun.2011 Another undisputed classic: “Bravest Warriors”

Years ago, I posted the original Adventure Time short (Before it, you know, got huge.) and was informed by mi amigo Kiel Phegley that AT creator Pen Ward had another intensely awesome short out there: Bravest Warriors.

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10.May.2011 Making suggestions: King Conan

Recently, Dark Horse social media guru Spencer Newlin-Cushing asked me to write up a staff pick for the newly-launched Dark Horse Digital Store. I was more than happy to oblige and wrote up this recommendation for King Conan: The Scarlet Citadel… “Grab a cup, boy. If it’s a tale you want, then, by Crom, a […]

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05.Jan.2011 Get to know Eusebio

How about one more mustache-infused video from Mr. Alex Mallis and Mr. Matthew Lubicky? Meet… Eusebio!

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19.Aug.2010 “Star Wars Tales” is amazing!

Sometimes you stumble across a comic that’s so rad it makes you feel intense shame for not previously being aware of its existence and totally in love with it. Today, I found that Star Wars Tales is one of those comics.


15.Aug.2010 Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World: I Loved it! HARD!

I’ve made no attempt to hide my extreme excitement for Edgar Wright’s “Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World.” After waiting patiently, and then irritatingly missing a series of advanced screeners for one reason or other, I finally got a chance to see “Scott Pilgrim” this weekend… and I loved it!


12.Jul.2010 The man that’s greater than machine: Magnus!

If you love comics and aren’t aware of the sketch blog Comic Twart (“Twart = Twitter + Art” if you’re already confused) then you need to seriously rethink how you’re spending your time on the internet. Tackling a new assignment each week, the elite sketching force featuring talents like Chris Samnee, Mitch Breitweiser, Tom Fowler, […]


05.May.2010 “Lost” Comics!

Much as I enjoy speculating about the numerous mysteries of “Lost,” I haven’t blogged much about the show’s actual episodes since they talked about Ewoks last season. I’ll leave the heavy “Lost” commentary to people getting paid to write it, but that won’t keep me from highlighting my favorite thing the final season has led […]

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03.Apr.2010 The most beautiful Arby’s in the world

As a country, America’s youth sometimes makes it hard to point out aspects of our culture with real history. One American tradition that dates back to our roots and is shared by few other nations is the road trip. As an endeavor for fun or as a part of relocation, heading west with Manifest Destiny […]


25.Mar.2010 Reviews of Brews: Maui Brewing Co.’s Coconut Porter

It’s been ages since I reviewed a beer here, and I recently picked up a brew I couldn’t go without mentioning. In other words, I had to mention it!