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25.Apr.2016 Portland Pizza Week 2016

It was the sauciest of times, it was the cheesiest of times… The first ever Portland Pizza Week transpired this past week and it was delightful! Seemed like a cool thing to blog about after neglecting this space for far too long. Something to get me warmed up to the ol’ blogosphere again. It was […]

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17.Jan.2011 Beer Trek

I drank my first beer around a campfire in the Northwoods of Wisconsin when I was 16 years old. Due in no small part to that experience, a hearty drink—in my mind—is always best after a bit of adventure, ideally with steadfast compatriots.

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24.Nov.2010 Mustachioed Thanksgiving

I just sent this in an e-mail to Team Mammoth-Stache, but I think it’s something all Mo Bros can enjoy and benefit from…

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16.Aug.2010 Wheat Thins Crunch Stix?!

Back in May, after substituting Wheat Thins for a more substantial lunch due to extreme busy-ness, I began a conversation on Twitter about crackers. My hypothesis: While the Wheat Thin might not be the best cracker in the world, it is undoubtedly the most addictive—in a good way, of course. Surprisingly, many of my followers […]

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03.Apr.2010 The most beautiful Arby’s in the world

As a country, America’s youth sometimes makes it hard to point out aspects of our culture with real history. One American tradition that dates back to our roots and is shared by few other nations is the road trip. As an endeavor for fun or as a part of relocation, heading west with Manifest Destiny […]


03.Mar.2010 Ironically, I owe my very existence to a peanut

I’m clearly not a big fan of peanuts. (Please refer to this site’s url for more!) And yet, if it weren’t for a peanut, I would never have existed.


23.Feb.2010 All Day Pizza Buffet: Shrimp Cocktail

You are what you eat…


18.Feb.2010 Pac-Man Pastillage!

Who doesn’t love a sweet and delicious treat? The answer: No one. This is a piece of science non-fiction. Write it down.


06.Oct.2009 Reviews of Pumpkin Brews: Southampton Publick House Pumpkin Ale

Last year during the Great Pumpkin Beer Hunt of 2008, Southampton Pumpkin Ale was one of the most recommended brews I came across in my research. I looked high and low for this beer, but even a trip to a particular New York gas station which was rumored to have had a few cases turned […]


Reviews of Pumpkin Brews: Buffalo Bill’s Pumpkin Ale

I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking, “Damn, Jim. You were going on and on about a whole bunch of pumpkin beer reviews… It’s October 5 and we ain’t seen jack!” Well, there are three six-packs in my fridge at half strength that’ll testify that I’ve been doing my research, but yeah, it’s time to […]