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13.May.2014 #BATFLECK

Not sure why this thing I made back in August isn’t the most popular thing on the internet yet… #BATFLECK: The (Bat)Man Without Fear!

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14.Feb.2014 Bale-entine’s Day 2014: Man of Bale

The time-honored tradition continues! Happy Bale-entine’s Day!

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12.Feb.2013 Bale-entine’s Day Rises!

When Gotham’s heart is aflutter, you have my permission to swoon… That’s right, Bale-entine’s Day is back, you lovebirds! It’s the holiday regularly known as Valentine’s Day, but with more pictures of Christian Bale and more Batman movie quotes!

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28.Mar.2012 I solved The Hunger Games!

Peeta Mellark: The boy with the bread. Peeta. Bread. Peeta, bread…

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14.Feb.2012 Bale-entine’s Day: The proud tradition returns!

Not all of you may be aware of this, but today is a hilarious holiday. Sure, it’s the mostly unfunny Valentine’s Day, but don’t forget, it’s also the chuckle-worthy Bale-entine’s Day, as well! “What’s Bale-entine’s Day?” you ask. Well, simply put, it’s a day where a bunch of nerds pair dreamy pictures of Christian Bale […]

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21.Jan.2012 Mustache Movie Madness on the MTV Movies Blog

This Movember, I was fortunate enough to receive some help in my fundraising efforts from a number of wonderful and generous people. It’s belated, but I have to pass along a huge and special “Thank you!” to my good buddy Josh Wigler! Not only has Mr. Wigler made a very large and selfless donation each […]

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17.Nov.2011 A brush with greatness…

Remember that one time Sam Elliott, one of the finest mustaches in Hollywood history, retweeted my Movember fund-raising link…?

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16.Aug.2011 My wholly hypothetical “versus/team-up” sketchbook

I was nearing the end of my recent “Avatar: The Last Airbender” rewatch this evening, when a moment of what I’ll not-so-humbly call “brilliance” came over me. Minor-spoilers ahead, so… if you don’t want “Avatar” spoiled for you, go no further!


14.Jul.2011 Tim Riggins Goes To Mars

The first preview of Disney’s John Carter premiered today. The movie that adapts Edgar Rice Burroughs’ Mars-adventuring pulp hero stars Taylor Kitsch who’s known to many as Friday Night Lights‘ rough and tumble fullback Tim Riggins. A month ago when the first poster for the movie came out, fellow FNL fan John Schork and I […]


14.Feb.2011 Don’t forget Bale-entine’s Day!

A few years back, Bale-entine’s Day was created. Here’s the basic formula: Batman Quotes + Dreamy Bale = Funny Bale-entine. And, here’s a bit more information on this grand holiday’s origins—check out the originals.